Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mickey Avalon

ARTIST / BAND: Mickey Avalon
SONG (MP3): Jane Fonda
ALBUM: Mickey Avalon
FILE UNDER: Hip Hop / Rap / Punk
LABEL: Shoot to Kill Music, Inc.
INFO: Remember the boy next door that played records all day, and at night kept you up with songs of his own? He left home one day and was never heard from again. He moved to the big city, living in cheap motels, eating dollar hamburgers, working the boulevard with ex-models, thorazine freaks, transvestites, mothers, fathers, drunks, junkies and punk rockers alike. He struggled during many long lonely desperate nights under the dizzying city lights but made a vow that he would never forget the magic in this world the things he loved the most: his first fix, his first girl and most importantly the first time he rocked a mic. Mickey Avalon has done whatever it took to get him to and off Hollywood Blvd. to invite you into his world. And I guess thats what it is, his world.
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Angela Desveaux

ARTIST / BAND: Angela Desveaux
SONG (MP3): Heartbeat
ALBUM: Wandering Eyes
LABEL: thrill jockey
INFO: If Angela Desveaux could have three pictures in her wallet, she says they would be of Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, and her grandmother. These are the figures she holds dear and suggest the influences that have shaped her musical identity. Wandering Eyes is a sparkling country debut that highlights both Desveaux’s brilliant voice and her poignant song writing, inspired by those heroes with an twist.
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Chad VanGaalen

ARTIST / BAND: Chad VanGaalen
SONG (MP3): Flower Gardens
ALBUM: Skelliconnection
FILE UNDER: Alternative
LABEL: Sub Pop Records
INFO: Chad VanGaalen is very prolific. Skelliconnection was culled from hundreds of songs Chad has recorded over the last year or so, while holed up in his bare bones basement home studio. Using handmade instruments alongside those available to mere mortals, he's created an even more diverse assemblage of music than for his last album and debut, Infiniheart. Chad resides in Calgary, Alberta, which is in Canada. He's an amazingly talented illustrator and animator. There's a chance you might have seen the videos he made for his own "Clinically Dead" and Love as Laughter's "Dirty Lives." They were featured on MTV2's Subterranean video show, which Chad also hosted. He's played with Built to Spill, Wolf Parade, The Pixies, and Stars, to name a few. Mostly, Chad likes to stay home and make songs and drawings. Chad's new record, on the other hand, resides somewhere a little more difficult to pin down. It's a restless, living thing, roaming between simple yet beautiful ballads, aggressively dissonant post-punk, and jazz-inflected synth-pop explorations, at times whimsical, and at others heartrending.
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Monday, August 28, 2006

Boy Omega

ARTIST / BAND: Boy Omega
SONG (MP3): Burn This Flag
ALBUM: The grey rainbow
FILE UNDER: Acoustic / Pop / Alternative
LABEL: riptide recordings
INFO: My name is Martin Henrik Gustafsson and I'm from Sweden. I was born on the 9th of March in 1978 at Eksjö BB. Named after Martin Shivers, a football-player for Tottenham Hotspur. Born with a banana-foot and one leg shorter than the other, I had to go through a lot of operations in my early years. Therefore I ended up spending a lot of time in hospitals. I still can't stand them.
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Magnolia Electric Co.

ARTIST / BAND: Magnolia Electric Co.
SONG (MP3): Lonesome Valley
ALBUM: Fading Trails
FILE UNDER: Rock / Indie
LABEL: Secretly Canadian
INFO: In March 2003, while on tour, Jason Molina announced that he would rename the band Magnolia Electric Co.. This new incarnation of the band would retain many of the original players and the stylistic direction of the album of the same name. Jason Molina would also continue to release solo work, but this time under his own name. The first such release came in January of 2004, as the full length vinyl release Pyramid Electric Co.. While Magnolia Electric Co. and Pyramid Electric Co. were originally intended as a double album, the latter seems to be the stylistic polar opposite of the former. Engineered by Mike Mogis, who also engineered Ghost Tropic, Pyramid finds Jason Molina alone at the microphone with only his voice, a piano or a guitar. Magnolia Electric Co.'s first official release was a live album called Trials and Errors, followed by a studio album titled What Comes After The Blues and an EP, Hard To Love a Man, all three released in 2005.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Richard Buckner

ARTIST / BAND: Richard Buckner
SONG (MP3): Town
ALBUM: Meadow
FILE UNDER: Indie / Folk
LABEL: merge records
INFO: Meadow is the 8th full-length recording from Richard Buckner, and his second for Merge Records. Meadow marks the latest chapter in a story that began in San Francisco, back in the early 90’s, and has seen Buckner chase his muse across the U.S. and Canada many times. Buckner’s body of work has always seemed to be about motion vs. stillness: about the impulse to run away or towards something; or watching something/someone leave or approach. The restless energy of the heart, full speed ahead, the consequences taken and embraced, the good and the bad. The false starts, roadblocks and pitfalls along the way only add to the richness of the journey.
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Paul Brill

ARTIST / BAND: Paul Brill
SONG (MP3): Paris Is On
ALBUM: Harpooner
FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop
LABEL: scarlet shame records
INFO: NYC Native Paul Brill first chipped his musical teeth on the icy landscape of North-Central Vermont, wood-shedding and 4-tracking while holed-up in a bleak, rustic cabin. After a few light-deprived winters, Paul sold his belongings and fled for sunny western shores, dabbling in brief stints as and herbal smokes salesman, street performer, valet, corporate errand boy, and marine biology instructor before finding sure footing in the sand. It was during this time that Brill began pursuing music in earnest - writing inspired new material at a feverish clip, recording in ramshackle studios, and performing extensively across the US. Paul was soon lured home to NYC, his songwriting similarly taking striking new turns, fusing disparate acoustic and electronic elements into a hybrid Pop collage. In addition to writing and recording songs for his own albums,
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ARTIST / BAND: Trentalange
SONG (MP3): Lonely Land
ALBUM: Photo Album of Complex Relationships
FILE UNDER: Indie / Gothic / Emo
INFO: Evocative and atmospheric. It should come as no surprise that Barbara Trentalange - the voice and creative force behind Trentalange - is also a visual artist. Lush, moody and provocative, the songs on "Photo Album of Complex Relationships" are cinematic soundscapes built upon instrumentation that includes cello, piano, flute, bass and percussion, with Trentalage's voice - velvety and emotive - as the foundation and centerpiece.
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Thermals

ARTIST / BAND: The Thermals
SONG (MP3): A Pillar of Salt
ALBUM: The Body, The Blood, The Machine
FILE UNDER: Alternative / Indie / Punk
LABEL: Sub Pop
INFO: The Body, The Blood, The Machine was recorded at Supernatural Sound Studios in Oregon City, twenty miles south of The Thermals' home in Portland, OR by Fugazi's Brendan Canty. With the unfortunate departure of original Thermals drummer Jordan Hudson in late 2005, Kathy Foster and Hutch Harris (bass and guitar/vocals, respectively) split up duties on the new record themselves with Foster pulling double shifts as The Thermals' rhythm section for almost the entire record while Harris sang, performed all the guitar tracks and some of the bass tracks, and the two shared keyboard/organ duties. With a wider, brighter, and wilder sound than anything The Thermals have done in the past, The Body, The Blood, The Machine adds walls of guitars, organs, and even a few "ballads" (aka slightly pretty songs) to the mix, while still retaining the gritty post-pop-punk sound for which The Thermals are globally famous. The lyrics envision a United States governed by a fascist Christian state, and focus on the need (and means) to escape. While hardly a concept album, there is definitely a story told in the songs: a story about getting the fuck OUT while you still can. With the recent addition of local drummer extraordinaire, Caitlin Love, The Thermals will be touring extensively with the release of The Body, The Blood, The Machine.
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ARTIST / BAND: Cursive
Dorothy At Forty
Bad Sects
ALBUM: Happy Hollow
FILE UNDER: Indie / Rock / Punk
LABEL: Saddle-Creek Records
INFO: Happy Hollow's first single "Dorothy at Forty" is another typically atypical Cursive romp, catapulted by incisive guitars, punctuated by horns and jerking to a stop before mightily spiraling away into the song's rousing coda. To be released July 11, "Dorothy at Forty" is backed with non-album tracks "The Bitter End" and "The Censor."
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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Beese And Brtschitsch

ARTIST / BAND: Beese And Brtschitsch
SONG (MP3): a kind of adventure
ALBUM: ... in the long run
FILE UNDER: electronic downtempo
LABEL: (c.o.r.n. Recordings)INFO: In the long run we want something new and sexy.This album is the essence of the evolution of music styles over the last decades.It can be described as a hypnotical synthesis of jazz, funk, rock, elektro and triphop, it is pop, okay, maybe something what will be named pop in twenty years. Timeless music and completely up to date.What began as an experiment lead to this fantastic the long run.
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Friday, August 18, 2006

The Longcut

ARTIST / BAND: The Longcut
SONG (MP3): Last Act Of A Desperate Man
ALBUM: A Call And Response
FILE UNDER: Experimental / Indie / Rock
LABEL: deltasonic
INFO: The Longcut formed in Manchester in 2002 while attending Manchester University. Originally a four-piece, their vocalist left soon after the band started and the remaining members intended to make purely instrumental music. In 2003 their experiments with cheap drum machines led to a new sound and their unusual stage setup.
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Matthew Friedberger

ARTIST / BAND: Matthew Friedberger
The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company Resignation Letter
Do You Like Blondes?
ALBUM: Winter Women / Holy Ghost Language School.
FILE UNDER: Indie Rock
LABEL: 859 recordings
INFO: Matthew Friedberger (born October 21st, 1972 in Oak Park, Illinois) is half of the indie rock duo The Fiery Furnaces. In the band he contributes the majority of the instrumentation, writes most of the songs and lyrics and occasionally sings. His sister, Eleanor Friedberger does most of the vocals and writes some lyrics.
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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

La Rocca

SONG (MP3): Sketches (20 Something Life)
ALBUM: The truth
FILE UNDER: Rock / Alternative
LABEL: danger birdrecords
INFO: So how do 4 Irish boys end up playing rock n' roll in Los Angeles, preparing to cut their first long-player on Sunset Blvd, far from the dirty streets of Dublin? We can tell you it's a long and winding road that brought us here. 4 devils in the city of angels. The Irish have a history with the Americans, and we want to be part of that history. Hailing from Dublin city, we are a 4 piece rock 'n roll band. We have our own thing going on, something special. Unique, fresh, exciting. Classic in a sense. But more. College friends Nick and Alan met Bjorn, and later his brother Simon, in Cardiff, and what started as a drunken jam ended up here, 3 years later. It's only apt that we took our name from a favoured watering hole, the La Rocca cocktail bar, you'll understand why once you meet us. In mid-2005 we signed our first record deal with Dangerbird Records, situated in the heart of happening Silverlake. Chrysalis Publishing USA became our close friends this year too, so it is only right that we should pack our duffle bags and set up camp in the USA. We've just recorded an album with Mr. Tony Hoffer (Beck, Air, Supergrass, Belle & Sebastian) and can't wait to be travelling the world playing it to people this year. We look forward to giving you something original and inspiring when we meet.
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SONG (MP3): Take Me Back
ALBUM: Master 1
FILE UNDER: Rock / Indie / Alternative
LABEL: none
INFO: Furvis are four opportunist bitches that will do anything shy of a blowjob to claw their way to the top. The will seduce you, sway you, use, fuck and leave you, and will spit on you when your down. Burning every bridge they cross and in the process writing bad checks, it’s apparent Furvis will do anything it takes… and they’re going places man!

Love Is All

ARTIST / BAND: love is all

Talk Talk Talk Talk (mp3)

Ageing Had Never Been His Friend (mp3)

ALBUM: Nine Times That Same Song
FILE UNDER: Pop / Indie / Punk
LABEL: what’s your rupture
INFO: After the break up of Girlfriendo Josephine, Nicholaus and Markus formed Love is All, and debuted in 2005 with Nine Times That Same Song. They are currently signed to the New York-based indie label What's Your Rupture?. They also have been featured on the renowned BBC radiocast Peel Sessions 2004. Their profile was raised significantly after a string of well-received US tourdates in March 2006, culminating in a sold-out headlining spot in New York. Fans of indie rock have latched onto Love is All's songs, which alternate between lo-fi and a jumbled jangle pop augmented with throbbing basslines and skronky saxophone, which makes for a noisy yet song-driven sound powered by inspired vocals and a strong rhythmic sensibility.
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Thursday, August 10, 2006


ALBUM: Englabörn
FILE UNDER: Electronica / Psych / Prog
LABEL: 4ad
INFO: spellbinding in its beauty.
Johann founded the label / art-organisation Kitchen Motors in his native Reykjavik, and he has also performed as a member of psych / prog / minimalist / drone mavericks Apparat Organ Quartet. But developing alongside these projects was an increasing interest in music for instrumental ensembles, which has given birth to Englaborn - written for string quartet and electronics to accompany a play - and Virthulegu Forsetar, a slow-motion fanfare written for 11 brass players, percussion, organ and piano. Both these pieces were released by the Touch label.
Johann has also written a performance piece called IBM 1401 - A User's Manual for the dancer / choreographer Erna Omarsdottir. The music is inspired by the first mainframe computer to arrive in Iceland, in 1964, and together Johann and Erna have performed it all over Europe.
Johann's first release for 4AD will be an expanded version of IBM 1401 - A User's Manual. The score - rewritten for 60 piece string orchestra - was recorded at the legendary Smecky studios in Prague. It will be released in the second half of 2006.
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ALBUM: Godbye friend welcome lover
FILE UNDER: Indie / Electro / Pop
LABEL: cargo
INFO: "the duo take their experimentation even further on this release, weaving hook-laden, toe-tapping beats into pretty, ethereal sugar-pop confections without the edge of their former incarnationlight as a Sunday afternoon captured in a color-washed 70s home-movie reel, yet with enough substance to avoid stepping into the blatantly saccharine." -"melding thinly layered melodic soundscapes over pulsating blips and glitches, resulting in a fluid tapestry that envelopes the reflective lyrical content with a soft embrace. Few can dislike this album, as it's an honest and inviting palette of expression." -"A gentle and eloquent debut. Charming." - the HOUR"le discret groupe de la métropole fait fondre les coeurs. Une découverte à faire..." - ICI"Hexes & Ohs... is proof that no more people than necessary need to be involved in the making of a great record. Let the world have "Such Great Heights." "Alive Until Saturday Night" is for you." -
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ALBUM: Jonah Matranga / Frank Turner EP
LABEL: welcome home records
INFO: With a transatlantic friendship built on mutual respect, musical influences and shared punk values, uniting Jonah and Frankfor this 12" project made perfect sense. They've both spent time, for better and for worse, in critically-acclaimed rock bands(Jonah with far, Gratitude, Onelinedrawing and New End Original and Frank with Million Dead), sold over 100,000 recordsbetween them and have ended up solo as a result. Go figure.
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ALBUM: Damaged
FILE UNDER: Country / Rock / Americana
LABEL: city slang
INFO: From the band that bought you 1997s brilliant Thriller comes another fantastic album, DAMAGED. Lambchop is a loose musical collective of anywhere from 5 to 17 players from Nashville, TN, and they sound like no one else. For almost 20 years Lambchop has been perfecting the New Nashville Sound despite the fact that NPRs Renée Montagne once described them as a band that Nashvilles Music Row will never clutch to its bosom. Critics have long held Lambchop in high esteem and attribute their unique sound to the bizarre mélange of influences drawn on by their mastermind, Kurt Wagner, one of the most singular, and best, songwriters of our time. (Salon). read more from the source...


ALBUM: We Just Make Music For Ourselves
FILE UNDER: electronic pop
LABEL: Biphonic
INFO: who lives in glasgow. they spend most of their time together writing electronic pop music in a cupboard above a sex shop, using a sampler that used to belong to shakin' stevens. difficult to categorise, and not fitting into any 'scene', swimmer one's music has been compared to everyone from the pet shop boys to the date swimmer one have released two limited edition singles, we just make music for ourselves and come on, let's go!, on the edinburgh label biphonic, and one mp3 single, largs hum, on london's dogbox records. djs who have championed them include rob da bank, steve lamacq, mark radcliffe, vic galloway, gill mills (all bbc radio one), jim gellatly and john kennedy (xfm) and gideon coe (bbc 6 music). all three singles have also received enthusiastic reviews at home and abroad. an album is currently being recorded.hamish is a musician, producer and committed hard-worker who, as well as having played in various bands, has written the music for films about samuel beckett and scottish ballet and recorded the score for a clown show. he has at no time been a professional photographer. he has not walked all 284 munros in one go and has not written a book about the experience.andrew is a singer-songwriter whose music, before swimmer one, found its way into one guitar band, one cabaret act, one play and one short film, but mostly into his cupboard. during the day he has a proper job as an arts journalist. he has never produced a film for michael winterbottom.
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FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop / Rock
LABEL: planting seeds records
INFO: Hailing from the same suburban trenches of Virginia Beach, VA that nestles todays top producers and performers in the hip-hop industry, smaller area rock acts in the area such as the Astropop 3 have always been overlooked by the mainstream music industry. Persistently trudging through the dingy dive bars of the underground music scene in Hampton Roads, performing their own mixed bag of original music, and relentlessly promoting themselves, only goes to show the tenacity of the Astropop 3.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


SONG (MP3): Familiar feelings
ALBUM: Catalogue
FILE UNDER: Alternative / Trip Hop / Electronica
INFO: The Sheffield-based dance-pop duo Moloko is the end result of Irish-born singer Roisin Murphy's attempt to pick up mixer/producer Mark Brydon at a 1994 party with the come-on, "Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body." Brydon saw musical potential in her attitude, and the two formed a creative and romantic partnership. Murphy, who never sang outside of the shower before, was a newcomer to the music business. However, Brydon had many years of experience with U.K. house music acts House Arrest and Cloud 9, helped found Sheffield's Fon studios, and remixed artists like Eric B & Rakim and Psychic TV. Soon after forming Moloko, they released their debut single, "Where Is the What If the What Is in the Why?," and signed to Echo Records.
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


ALBUM: The Heart of the Matter
FILE UNDER: Electro / Alternative / Pop
LABEL: biphonic
INFO: Me (the geek) and John (number 1 son) have been in bands together since we were at school. When our last band spilt up we decided to make electronic music instead of forming another guitar band. The main aim of the band was to make electronic music based around melodies and songs written on guitar. But we don't use guitars any more. But saying that we might start again soon.
Been on the go since 2001 and did our first EP last year. Got to do a Radio 1 session too. Played all over Scotland and had loads of radioplay on Radio1, Radio Scotland, Beat 106, XFM & Radio Magnetic. Our album is finished and will be coming out late March.

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ALBUM: singer-songwriter
LABEL: Vagrant
INFO: Accidents do happen. Just ask Florida-based singer-songwriter John Ralston. Or better yet, listen to Needle Bed, his debut album for Vagrant Records, and a stark collection of 11 honest, deeply personal songs, that—to hear Ralston tell it—came about almost entirely by accident. The unlikely story begins with a chance meeting between the artist and Needle Bed collaborator Michael Seaman in Ralston’s hometown of Lake Worth, Florida. “I met him completely randomly,” remembers Ralston. “I don’t think I have ever met such a good friend just out of the blue.” Over the next few weeks, the two would record some rough demos together.

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ALBUM: Jacket Full of Danger
FILE UNDER: Rock / Folk / Alternative
LABEL: Rough Trade Records
INFO: Shit fuck piss! I thought I could toss Adam Green, erstwhile of early '00s anti-folkers Moldy Peaches, following the stiff shock-value yucks and self-satisfied cabaret smirks of his 2005 full-length Gemstones. But on his latest solo album, Jacket Full of Danger, the New York eccentric at last fully immerses himself in vulgarity-- in the scummy bilge water of language and culture. Like the hapless beer-run guy trapped in "express" checkout behind some 69-items-or-more Daddy's girl, I can't help but enjoy perusing the headlines, even if I wouldn't quite take the thing home.
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FILE UNDER: Rock / Indie
LABEL: Paper Garden
INFO: The label’s first signing is Eagle*Seagull from Lincoln, Nebraska. Drawing on influences as diverse as Leonard Cohen and Pavement, the band takes the New York rock scene of recent days, packs it up, and heads west to their roots- making the sound their own with bittersweet melodies, a broken voice, and the plaintive calling of their instruments.
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FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop / Electro
LABEL: oval music
INFO: Alternative female duo - Nuwella & Laura - fight it out with


FILE UNDER: Rock / Indie / Pop
LABEL: kirtland records
INFO: The early success of The Hourly Radio can only be attributed to a clear, articulate sense of direction and purpose. Neither of the bands founding members, guitarist Ryan Short and vocalist Aaron Closson, site their musical abilities among the reasons the band has captured so much attention. In fact, when the two met and began writing songs they had just one electric guitar (but no amp) and neither had any previous musical training or experience. All they had was a common sense of direction and a clear idea of what they didn’t want to sound like. What some may call naive or simply blind ambition Closson and Short forged on with complete confidence. From the inception of the band things have moved very quickly and these early limitations never proved an obstacle.
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ALBUM: Red Glows Brighter
FILE UNDER: Indie / Rock / Pop
LABEL: Landmark Recordings
INFO: "If you're going to take four years between records, you better make damn sure it's worth the wait, and "Red Glows Brighter" is." -Velocity Weekly
"This record maintains the bands signature pop harmonies and quirky time changes, but it shows an incredible amount of artistic development as well. They incorporate all sorts of new influences into their bag of tricks. The album includes some familiar Second Story Man sounds (Catalyst), harder rock (Mitey Might), psychedelic surf-rock (Letter to Be), ethereal Flaming Lips-esque space pop (When Your Dreams Expire) and southwest groove a la The Cure (Cancer Dance). The highlight of the album is its hidden track, a haunting, echo-filled acoustic number that prominently showcases the bands trademark vocal harmonies." -LEO Weekly
"[Red Glows Brighter is] a rich, phenomenally engaging effort that is as imaginative and full of surprises as anything you'll hear this year from the big-shot indie record labels." -Cincinnati City Beat Weekly
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FILE UNDER: Grindcore / Afro-beat / 2-step
LABEL: Nitro Records
INFO: The masked, underdog champions of nerd-core, The Aquabats, are back with their first full-length album in six years. The band’s most cohesive album to date, Charge!! blends quirky, new wave melodies with the band’s hometown signature punk rock sound, concreted with their uniquely sarcastic, Saturday morning cartoon humor. Legions of loyal fans eagerly await this next episode from their rock ‘n’ roll superheroes. In fact, those same fans are largely responsible for snapping the band’s silent streak when they flocked to last year’s national tour. After their label, Goldenvoice Records, shut its doors in early 2000, The Aquabats went underground, living the lives of their secret identities, all the while their mythology amplifying online, fueled by hungry fans, speculating of their return to form.In the beginning there were fourteen of them, all friends, each in a different band. It was the mid '90s and the Southern California punk scene had stagnated into something pointlessly drunk, violent, and way too predictable. They wanted to bring back the early punk ethos where anything goes, all bets on the table. Style of music be damned. So, to poke fun at the burgeoning ska scene, and because there were fourteen of them for crying out loud, half the band grabbed horns, and they played their first show only a week after forming.
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