Tuesday, August 08, 2006


FILE UNDER: Grindcore / Afro-beat / 2-step
LABEL: Nitro Records
INFO: The masked, underdog champions of nerd-core, The Aquabats, are back with their first full-length album in six years. The band’s most cohesive album to date, Charge!! blends quirky, new wave melodies with the band’s hometown signature punk rock sound, concreted with their uniquely sarcastic, Saturday morning cartoon humor. Legions of loyal fans eagerly await this next episode from their rock ‘n’ roll superheroes. In fact, those same fans are largely responsible for snapping the band’s silent streak when they flocked to last year’s national tour. After their label, Goldenvoice Records, shut its doors in early 2000, The Aquabats went underground, living the lives of their secret identities, all the while their mythology amplifying online, fueled by hungry fans, speculating of their return to form.In the beginning there were fourteen of them, all friends, each in a different band. It was the mid '90s and the Southern California punk scene had stagnated into something pointlessly drunk, violent, and way too predictable. They wanted to bring back the early punk ethos where anything goes, all bets on the table. Style of music be damned. So, to poke fun at the burgeoning ska scene, and because there were fourteen of them for crying out loud, half the band grabbed horns, and they played their first show only a week after forming.
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