Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sophie Villy / Free Exclusive Download from the new album "Dress" (Out 27. May)

Sophie Villy - 23 year old Georgian/Ukrainian singer/songwriter based in Kiev, performs in international language and embodies an ancient Georgian heritage. Her second album "Dress" proves her remarkable promise -  both at home and beyond. Recorded  in an old Georgian film studio with vintage, analogue equipment - "Dress" contains twelve honest tales, all taken from a real-life experience; reflecting a modern reality.
 A knowing, yet romantic spirit enters an uncertain world, crafting a beautiful melancholy en route.
"Dress" is all that surrounds you, something that wears your soul and this feeling opens gradually the new horizons with no barriers and obstacles; it's also well shown on the album artwork.
Sophie Villy’s songs will resonate with today’s dreamer.

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Sophie Villy "Connected" (Free Download)

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