Thursday, September 30, 2010


ARTIST / BAND: Motorifik

SONG (MP3): Secret Things

ALBUM: Secret Things


LABEL: Modern Language Recordings

INFO: Phil Kay is a busy man… his main project, Working for a Nuclear Free City, has a new album releasing 12 October and he has this intriguing side musical partnership with French songwriter Idrisse Khelifi under the Motorifik moniker. Like Working for a Nuclear Free City, Motorifik is interested playing with space and texture in their tunes, evoking a certain pastoral sensibility, as well as an obvious nod to their shoegazing forebearers. The idea with this group was to be a bit less experimental than WFANFC and a bit more rooted in a pure pop aestethic. Motorifik’s Secret Things releases 9 November via Modern Language Recordings and we have the premiere today of the title track as well as Kay discussing the song in his own words.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Moaners

ARTIST / BAND: The Moaners

SONGs (MP3): "Cowboy Bob" / "Humid Air"

ALBUM: Nocturnal

FILE UNDER:  Rock / Folk / Experimental

LABEL: Holiday For Quince

INFO: Head south past the Mason-Dixon line and into the swamp-hot humidity of North Carolina’s summer months, and a porch-swing singalong with The Moaners starts to sound very appealing. Melissa Swingle (formerly of alt-country darlings Trailer Bride) and Laura King (formerly of Grand National) have been conjuring the spirit of the South for over five years and two records with the ambitious goal of “[capturing] the feeling of … Faulkner’s South, O’Connor’s South.” With Nocturnal, their spell is stronger than ever.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


ARTIST / BAND: Filthybird

SONG (MP3): "Pick Me Up"

ALBUM: Songs For Other People

FILE UNDER:  Indie Folk

LABEL: Holidays for Quince

INFO: Cosmic American four-piece Filthybird has had an busy year, migrating from Greensboro, North Carolina, to the Triangle, opening a guitar repair shop in downtown Graham (Fret Sounds), and putting the finishing touches on their brilliant new full-length record, Songs for Other People. The follow-up to the lauded Southern Skies, Filthybird’s latest record reveals an astounding depth, effectively marrying the lilting vocal melodies of Renee Mendoza (Ashrae Fax) to her husband Brian Haran’s (Glenn Branca Orchestra, LaMonte Young projects, Viridian) layered guitar atmospherics. Anchored by Michael Duehring and Otto Hauser’s (Vetiver, Bright Back Morning Light, Espers) powerfully inventive rhythm section, these songs are both soulful and dreamy, familiar and fresh. Lush, breezy and cinematic arrangements may recall the best moments of Gram Parsons, Jefferson Airplane, Roky Erikson and Chris Bell, but this band is unique, reassembling the most colorful fragments of a mythic American music into something entirely new.

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Monday, September 27, 2010



ARTIST / BAND: Grandchildren

SONG (MP3): “Saturn Returns”

ALBUM: Everlasting

FILE UNDER:  Electroacoustic / Roots Music / Pop

LABEL: Green Owl

INFO: In Grandchildren, every memory is a montage of sound. The beat-driven, orchestral-pop epics on Grandchildren’s forthcoming album Everlasting play like an audio scrapbook of nostalgia and pop-culture inspired by memories from the songwriter’s life. Sentimental harmonies and globally sourced rhythms weave through every track, reflecting a history that is both chaotic and serene, but ultimately uplifting. These energies manifest in Grandchildren’s “larger-than-life” live performances, the six multi-instrumentalists swapping instruments in what reviewers have called “a choreographed musical chairs.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010


ARTIST / BAND: Masonic

SONG (MP3): "Lifetime Of Deception"

ALBUM: Live Like A Millionaire

FILE UNDER:  Indie, Pop, Rock

LABEL: s/r

INFO: Since their 2001 debut, Never Stood a Chance, Austin, TX band Masonic has been creating well crafted noise pop along the lines of Stereolab, Yo La Tengo, and The Vaselines framed by a Phil Spector influenced production and blending them into a seamless mixture of danceable rhythms, heavy guitar riffs, and catchy keyboard melodies. Masonic is comprised of brothers, co-writers Kevin and John Mason, and drummer Brian. Joining the band in 2004, Eryn Gettys’ French rock influenced vocals helped cement the unique mix of classic indie rock with expansive, reverb tinged pre-Beatles arrangements. Bassist Trey D’Amico joined in 2007 whose ear for bass melody was developed through his one man freak out band, Toof.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Young Man

young man - press photo

ARTIST / BAND: Young Man

SONG (MP3): "Up So Fast" 


FILE UNDER:  Indie Pop

LABEL: Frenchkiss Records

INFO: Itʼs enough to make you stop and say, “What is that?” It being the gorgeous
melodies and lean, spellbound guitar lines of Colin Caulfield, an English/French
lit major whoʼs about to change what it means to be a shape-shifting singersongwriter
in the YouTube age.
Just ask Bradford Cox. He knows. Why, just a year ago, the Deerhunter frontman
stumbled upon Caulfieldʼs organ-grinding rendition of “Rainwater Cassette
Exchange” and said itʼs “fantastically superior to the original. It actually sent
shivers up my spine, especially during the second verse.”

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Solar Temple Suicides

ARTIST / BAND: Solar Temple Suicides

SONG (MP3): "A Rough Road Leads To The Stars"

ALBUM: Sentinels of the Heliosphere

FILE UNDER:  Shoegaze / Psychedelic / Rock

LABEL: Sleepy Records

INFO: Since their formation, Solar Temple Suicides have slowly been perfecting their own brand of drugged out, spacey haze. They preach long and tall effects-laiden, psychedelic lessons culled from ancient Yajurvedas of transformation and trial by fire, thrust from the sun to the outer edges of the universe. Their unabashed space rock tendencies and hallucinatory walls of sound drive their high volume live shows. Not fitting neatly into any extant mold, Solar Temple Suicides gather their influences together to form their own nebula.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kelli Scarr

ARTIST / BAND: Kelli Scarr
SONG (MP3): "Driftwood"
ALBUM: Piece
FILE UNDER:  Indie, Singer Songwriter
LABEL: Silence Breaks
INFO: Silence breaks is pleased to announce the signing of Brooklyn musician, Kelli Scarrand the release of her debut album, "Piece" on July 27th, 2010. "Piece" is a collection of songs assembled from home recordings of multi-instrumentalist and singer, Kelli Scarr over a dynamic period of time in her life. The songwriting reflects everything from the struggles of balancing relationships, raising her young son in Brooklyn, NY and long stretches of touring the world. With subtle textures recalling the dusky skies of her home town Folsom, CA to bouncing melodies straight from a vintage car radio, "Piece" captures a journey and provides a photo album's worth of images that bring you along for the ride. Pre-sale begins online on July 4th!
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Zach Hill

ARTIST / BAND: Zach Hill
MP3s: Memo To the Man /The Primitives Talk
ALBUM: Face Tat
LABEL: Sargent House

INFO: Massively talented and incessantly collaborative drummer Zach Hill (see a semi-comprehensive list of projects here) has announced a fall 2010 release for his second solo album, Face Tat via Sargent House. The 13-track disc features an impressive list of contributors, including Devendra Banhart, No Age (Dean Spunt and Randy Randall), Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse 73), Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Carson McWhirter (Hella), Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos,Bygones) and Robby Moncrieff (Raleigh Moncrieff).
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The Phantom Band


ARTIST / BAND: The Phantom Band

SONG (MP3): Walls

ALBUM: The Wants


LABEL: Chemikal Underground

INFO:‘No man is an island’ wrote John Donne, but what about bands? Well, they’re probably not islands either, but like most things in life, you need exceptions to prove the rule. That’s why it was so remarkable when The Phantom Band, with their legion of musical references, still managed to sound quite unlike anyone else when they released Checkmate Savage in 2009, a debut that earned mass critical applause and made them the cult success of the year. Twelve months later, they’re still in a movement of one, and their follow-up, The Wants, looks set to cement their reputation as one of the most inventive and vital units at work today.

If Checkmate Savage was the product of a band mulling over the human race’s inexorable slide into oblivion, then its follow-up found them turning feral and heading for the hills to ride out the storm. Holing up in Chem19 (Chemikal Underground’s studio in the wastelands of Blantyre), The Phantom Band immersed themselves in a primordial soup of influences before emerging six months later, emaciated and squinting in the pallid sunlight, cradling The Wants: a nine-track musical folly and the soundtrack to their own personal apocalypse.

Charged with creating a second album more or less from scratch and in situ - an album upon which their creative and material survival depended - they contracted a virulent strain of cabin fever and promptly set sail into the mouth of madness. Keyboardist Andy Wake elaborates: “As you know, The Phantom Band was built on the site of an ancient Indian burial ground, so every time we record it's like an emotional exorcism. It's painful, prolonged, confusing; at times it's hard to tell what's happening outside of this other-world.” Guiding them through this tortuous birthing process was the chimerical figure of Mungo Bang, “a spiritual adviser of sorts who came highly recommended. He also added vibes.”

Their madness had method, because a lot came out in the mix: a forest of tuned percussion, poly-rhythmic group vocals, fuzz guitars and medieval electronics. Musical inspirations included David Lynch and John Carpenter soundtracks, German kosmische music of the 70’s, Tom Waits, digidub rhythms, R&B harmonies, doo-wop and rock'n'roll. Lyrical inspiration emerged from lycanthropy, vampires, doppelgangers and the Salem witch trials. That’s also Teenage Fanclub’s Wurlitzer organ you can hear on Everybody Knows It’s True, alongside a host of other instruments, both homemade and hard-bought. Various bits of furniture, wood, a toy drum machine, some home-made drum triggers and FX pedals (aptly named the Phantosizer), shelvaphones, a dulcimer and the studio fire extinguisher - all had roles to play on the final recording. “Sink [Greg Sinclair] appeared at rehearsal one day with what looked like a body bag containing at least one corpse. It turned out to be a full size vibrophone with all the trimmings,”explains Wake. If any more evidence of creative initiative was required, the album opens with the sound of a baliphone being sawed into tune in preparation for a take.

The end product represents a major leap forward for the band, a sound more of their own. Juxtapositions are more apparent – arcane folk melodies and gothic lyrical imagery straddle vintage analogue synths and primitive drum machines. “Where Checkmate Savage was varied, we've intensified those elements, because we've got no reason to be subtle with them,” says Wake. “It's much more concentrated, more skilfully executed and with more decoration. It’s Checkmate Savage - On Ice.”

The Phantom Band was pulled together from all four corners of Scotland, settling on Glasgow as PB HQ. Duncan Marquiss (guitar), Gerry Hart (bass), Andy Wake (keyboards), Rick Anthony (vocals) and Greg Sinclair (guitars) are a volatile cabal of creative contradictions: a disorientating amalgam of music, art and performance that defies categorisation and provides an object lesson in how to forge something distinct and unique from well-worn sources. Checkmate Savage won plaudits from the mainstream music press and the indie blogs alike, finding famous fans in Peter Buck and comic artist Frank Quitely, while the influential music emporium Piccadilly Records named it their album of the year. Their new album may be The Wants, but what do The Phantom Band want for? “Survival. For this album to lead to another after it, that's all. We think it's better than the last one, and if anyone agrees with us then brilliant, they can hop aboard. Those who disagree can hop aboard too, but they're sailing at the stern.”

Thursday, September 16, 2010



SONG (MP3): The New Improved Hypocrisy

FILE UNDER:  indie, pop, rock

LABEL: Labrador

INFO: "The New Improved Hypocrisy" is The Radio Dept.'s second distinct political song. The first one, "Freddie And The Trojan horse", from 2008 was '...about the untruthfulness of the Swedish right-wing government and how the leading party seized power by portraying itself as supportive of the workers' (The Radio Dept.).
The Swedish elections are held on Sunday. "The New Improved Hypocrisy" about the present government is released today

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Tallest Man On Earth

ARTIST / BAND: The Tallest Man On Earth

SONG (MP3): "Like The Wheel"

ALBUM: Sometimes the Blues Is Just A Passing Bird

FILE UNDER:  Acoustic / Folk / Blues

LABEL: Dead Oceans

INFO: The Tallest Man On Earth's new EP, Sometimes the Blues Is Just A Passing Bird, will be for sale exclusively on iTunes until its official release date. CDs, LPs and digital copies will be available at all othe retailers on November 9th, 2010 (8th in UK).

At many of the Tallest Man On Earth shows this year, Matsson closed his set with a new song titled “Like the Wheel.” It quickly became a fan favorite, with YouTube videos spreading virally, and the sets closing on a high note night after night. We are happy to share this song today!

“Like the Wheel,” along with four other new songs, make up Sometimes The Blues is Just a Passing Bird, an EP written entirely after The Wild Hunt. Recorded during a quick break from touring in the summer of 2010, “Like the Wheel” is joined by “The Dreamer,” which Matsson performs on electric guitar. Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird is an open and shut chapter in the Tallest Man On Earth’s songbook – five new additions to those magical performances.



UNKLE  is pleased to release the six song 'The Answer' EP which includes two new songs, a collaboration with hip-hop prodigy Lupe Fiasco and a remix by original UNKLE member Tim Goldsworthy. The record drops today in the UK, but those in the US are going to have to wait until tomorrow. In celebration of the release, UNKLE is releasing the track "Runaway, Lupe's Revenge (Lupe Fiasco vs UNKLE Reconstruction)" online for free. Our friends over at RCRD LBL got their hands on it first and you can grab it here.
In support of the release of The Answer EP, UNKLE will be embarking on their first US appearances in three years at select cities in the US and Mexico during the month of October. Tickets available via See below for a full list of US dates.
The hip-hop reworking of 'The Runaway' off UNKLE's most recent album 'Where Did The Night Fall' sees Lupe Fiasco rhyming with an untouchable, laid-back cool as splintered synths and a shuddering bass-line envelope around him. Original UNKLE member, Tim Goldsworthy (LCD Soundsystem/DFA), morphs the subtle, desert-scorched previous single 'Follow Me Down' into a breathless, urgent 8-minute epic. The cinematic 'Separate Half' featuresSan Francisco quartet Lumerians with vocals by Rebecca Coseboom. Pulsating and airy, 'Separate Half' takes listeners on a journey passing through kaleidoscope worlds. The quiet, dusty lament of 'Country Tune' builds to become vast and expansive in scope, anchored by fragile vocal from UNKLE collaborator Gavin Clark.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Small Black

ARTIST / BAND: Small Black

SONG (MP3): "Photojournalist"

ALBUM: New Chain

FILE UNDER:  indie, pop

LABEL: Jagjaguwar

INFO:The internet has been all abuzz about "Photojournalist," the first single off of Small Black's new albumNew Chain (which comes out October 26 in the U.S., October 25 in the U.K.). "Photojournalist" topped the Hot Tracks chart on last week and is currently the most read review on Pitchfork's Forkcast. XLR8R Magazine might have put it best: "While the sound of 'Photojournalist' is thick and filled to the brim with punchy sonics, it's the subtleties of the poignant instrumentation and the heartwarming sentiment delivered by the lyrics that draw us to Small Black's song. Being emotional in music is easy, but being graceful and understated-- while still driving your point home-- is something else entirely."

Starting October 22 Small Black will be driving to your home town as they embark on a month-long U.S. tour that will take them coast to coast. Class Actress will support on all dates, and on specific dates Small Black will also be joined by Delorean, Young Prisms, Lemonade, and Matthew Dear. Before the official tour starts you can also catch Small Black opening for No Age on two dates later this month in Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

Aphids On The Lettuce

<a href="">Aphids On The Lettuce: Beck Remixed &amp; Mashed Up by PZ by Big Pauper (Panzah Zandahz)</a>

Thursday, September 09, 2010


View All Photos | 2009 | WOMEN


SONG (MP3): "Eyesore" / "Narrow with the Hall"

ALBUM: Public Strain

FILE UNDER:  Indie, Progressive

LABEL: Jagjaguwar

INFO: Women recorded their 2008 self-titled debut album with label-mate Chad Vangaalen over 4 months on ghettoblasters and old tape machines in his basement and outdoors. This debut brought the young band critical acclaim from across the blogosphere, tour opportunities across Canada, the United States, UK and Europe, and a heightened level of international interest from many lo-fi junkies and seasoned audiophiles.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Alex Winston

ARTIST / BAND: Alex Winston
SONG (MP3): Choice Notes
ALBUM: The Basement EP
FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop
LABEL: Heavy Roc Music
INFO:While it’s a great accomplishment to play a single instrument well, it’s a truly rare gift to play many perfectly. With The Basement Covers EP, singer Alex Winston proves she is one of the exceptional few. Classically trained in opera and bred on musical Americana, the beautiful Detroit- native remarkably played each instrument—guitar, piano, drums—on the four-song EP which she recorded in her actual home basement.

Winston’s truly unique and refreshing sound navigates influential pillars as diverse as Feist, The Arcade Fire, Lykke Li and Sheryl Crow.  As the name suggests, the debut offering from Alex consists of five covers of tracks from various artists; Mumford & Sons, Teddy Bears, The Rolling Stones, Jack Penate and Francis and the Lights. She has just finished putting the finishing touches on her debut, Choice Notes, with New York's hottest new producer whizz kids - The Knocks. This taster of Alex's incredible talent is now available for free download and acts as a precursor to her debut release of Choice Notes, released on Limited Edition 7” vinyl through HeavyRoc Music on July 27th.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Besnard Lakes

ARTIST / BAND: Besnard Lakes
SONG (MP3): "Albatross"
ALBUM: The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night
FILE UNDER: Psychedelic / Pop / Progressive
LABEL: Jagjaguwar
INFO:The Besnard Lakes are a Canadian indie rock band from MontrealQuebecCanada. They were formed in 2003 by the husband and wife team of Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas, and they have released three more from the source...