Monday, April 28, 2008

Giovanni Ferrario

ARTIST / BAND: Giovanni Ferrario

SONG (MP3): honeymoon in tribeka

ALBUM: Headquarter Delirium

FILE UNDER: Psychedelic / Punk / Rock

LABEL: solaris-empire

INFO: The long awaited solo record of Giovanni Ferrario will be out in April 2008! For those who don't know - Giovanni is a cult figure in the Italian Underground scene. While better known for his work with his band Micevice, as well as being PJ Harvey's current Ax-man, Giovanni's solo-debut is a force to be reckoned with. A homage to the sounds of the 60s and 70s, 'Headquarter Delirium' is a mix of psychedelic rock, electronic experimentation and classic songwriting.

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Pete Rock

ARTIST / BAND: Pete Rock

SONG (MP3): 914 (Main)


FILE UNDER: Hip Hop / Soul / Jazz

LABEL: Soul Survivor Records

INFO: He revolutionized rap production through groundbreaking studio wizardry. He made remixes matter more than the original songs. He established ad-libs as a standard recording asset. He introduced dramatic, forceful horns to rap’s sonic discussion. Pete Rock has notched these achievements during his impeccable recording, producing and remixing career, one of the most distinguished in rap history and one that includes collaborations with Nas, Common, Mary J. Blige, Ghostface Killa, Busta Rhymes, Public Enemy and Run-DMC, among many others. Showing that he remains sharp as ever, the Mount Vernon, New York rapper-producer returns with NY’s Finest, his best moment as an artist. “I called it that because I feel like that’s me,” Pete Rock explains.

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Eric Avery

ARTIST / BAND: Eric Avery

SONG (MP3): All Remote And No Control

ALBUM: Help Wanted


LABEL: Dangerbird Records

INFO: Avery has kept a fairly low profile since the demise of Jane's Addiction, participating in the Deconstruction project with Dave Navarro immediately after Jane's Addiction's breakup, but declining all invitations for Jane's reunions. The only reason Avery has ever given for his repeated rejections is that he feels the reunions are motivated purely by money. He has also recorded tracks for, toured with and briefly dated Alanis Morissette, as well as creating another side project, Polar Bear in 1994.[1] Tool's Maynard Keenan invited Eric Avery to replace bassist Paul D'Amour. Eric Avery was once suggested as the replacement bassist for Tool by former Jane's Addiction and then-current Tool manager Ted Gardner. Eric declined the invitation, saying he wanted to concentrate on his band Polar Bear. As seen in the film Some Kind of Monster, Avery also auditioned to become the bassist for Metallica, after the departure of former bassist Jason Newsted.[1] The job didn't quite fit right for Avery; instead the band went with Ozzy Osbourne bassist Robert Trujillo.[1] Avery toured with the band Garbage during the promotion of their 2005 Bleed Like Me album.

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The Kills

ARTIST / BAND: The Kills

SONG (MP3): Cheap and Cheerful

ALBUM: Midnight Boom

FILE UNDER: Rock / Electronica / Indie

LABEL: Domino

INFO: Jamie Hince and his musical partner Alison Mosshart believe that your art is something you live, rather than something you merely do. Therefore, the conventional approach to recording an album - write some songs a bit like your last songs, book flashy studio and ear candy-providing producer, be professional and get home in time for tea - is not an option for them. The Kills make music that sounds like the stripped-to-the-bone nub of the crux of the sex and death and madness at the heart of the very best rock ‘n’ roll. And the only way to pull that off is to put themselves through the creative, physical, financial and emotional mangle. “It was definitely a journey,” confirms Alison, with the sanguine air of one who believes that anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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SONG (MP3): Shoulda Known (clean)

ALBUM: When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold

FILE UNDER: Hip Hop / Indie

LABEL: Rhymesayers Entertainment

INFO: Atmosphere is an American hip hop duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The members are rapper Slug (born Sean Daley, September 7, 1972) and DJ/producer Ant (born Anthony Davis). Active in various forms since 1993, they are one of the most commercially successful and long-lived independent hip hop acts.

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Cut Copy


SONG (MP3): Lights And Music

ALBUM: In Ghost Colours

FILE UNDER: Electro Pop

LABEL: Modular Recordings

INFO: In Ghost Colours is the second studio album by Australian band Cut Copy. It comprises 15 tracks in total, including a re-recorded album version of the single "Hearts on Fire". The album was originally planned as an Australian release for 2007, but was delayed until 2008 to accommodate a simultaneous international debut of the recording

In Ghost Colours marked the band's debut to the Australian ARIA Albums Chart, reaching number-one on March 30, 2008. Pitchfork Media rated the album an 8.8, tying with Vampire Weekend's self-titled debut and Portishead's comeback album as the second highest score of the year, behind Hercules and Love Affair's eponymous debut album.

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Tokyo Police Club

ARTIST / BAND: Tokyo Police Club

SONG (MP3): In A Cave

ALBUM: Elephant Shell

FILE UNDER: Indie / Garage / Pop

LABEL: Saddle Creek

INFO: Elephant Shell lands roughly a year and half after A Lesson In Crime (with last year’s Smith EP and "Your English Is Good" digi-single and a ton of touring also bridging the gap) and barely four years from the band’s 2005 formation. Not bad for four friends who learned to play during senior year in high school, later naming themselves for a nonsensical lyric from the song that would become track one on their first EP, which would in turn sell over 30,000 copies-probably about 29,000 more copies than they expected-and garner accolades from Entertainment Weekly ("We can hardly wait for the full length” A-), Rolling Stone ("If only all young guitar bands were smart enough to rock out this fast, banging out seven first-rate mod-punk party starters in barely more than sixteen minutes"), Interview, Blender, Nylon and The New York Times among others.

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ARTIST / BAND: Tindersticks

SONG (MP3): The Flicker Of A Little Girl

ALBUM: The Hungry Saw


LABEL: Beggars Banquet

INFO: The Hungry Saw arrives April 28 overseas in CD/vinyl/digital formats on Beggars Banquet and marks the first album of new material by the full band since 2003's lush and lovely Waiting for the Moon. A 7"/digital single for the title track, backed with a tune called "Back to the Earth", precedes the album on April 14.
And actually we can't say "full band" without qualifying it a bit, as the reduced Tindersticks lineup featured on Saw includes core members Stuart A. Staples, Neil Fraser, and David Boulter, with additional help from drummer Thomas Belhorn and bassist Dan McKinna. Frontman Staples, as you may recall, released the solo album Leaving Songs back in 2006.

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

ARTIST / BAND: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

SONG (MP3): Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

ALBUM: Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!

FILE UNDER: Alternativa / Rock / Otros


INFO: Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! is the fourteenth studio album by international alternative rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The album was recorded in June and July of 2007 at The State of the Ark Studios in Richmond, London and mixed by Nick Launay at British Grove in Chiswick, and was released on March 3, 2008. On February 18 the title track "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!" was released as the first single - on CD, limited edition 7", and as a digital download, with "Accidents Will Happen" as the B-side.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Acorn

ARTIST / BAND: The Acorn

SONG (MP3): Crooked Legs

ALBUM: Glory Hope Mountain

FILE UNDER: Indie / Folk Rock

LABEL: paper bag records

INFO: Part biographical narrative, part surreal fairy tale, Glory Hope Mountain is the story of Gloria Esperanza Montoya. Based on interviews recorded in early 2006 by her son, Acorn songwriter Rolf Klausener, the album is a sonic retelling of the stories from her early life in Honduras to her eventual immigration to Montreal in 1972.

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Freddie Stevenson

ARTIST / BAND: Freddie Stevenson

SONG (MP3): If An Alien Astronomer Could See Us From Afar

ALBUM: All My Strange Companions

FILE UNDER: Folk Rock / Acoustic / Indie

LABEL: Juicy Musical Creations

INFO: Freddie is the eldest of three children born to Scottish artist and potter Charles Stevenson and children's television writer and producer Jocelyn Stevenson, co-creator of the popular programme Fraggle Rock.[1] Freddie was educated at Harrow School in north-west London from 1993-1998 during which time he taught himself to play guitar before moving to RADA to study drama.

Stevenson originally trained as an actor at RADA. Upon graduating in 2002, he appeared in a number of television and stage roles[2] including Cambridge Spies and State Of Play. Latterly he toured both the UK and USA in Sir Peter Hall's 2003 & 2004 production of As You Like It, which included significant runs at both Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Los Angeles Music Center, during which time he became involved in a long term relationship with co-star actress Rebecca Hall.[3]

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mr. Gnome

ARTIST / BAND: mr. Gnome

SONG (MP3): Night of The Crickets

ALBUM: Deliver This Creature

FILE UNDER: Alternative / Rock / Psychedelic

LABEL: El Marko Records

INFO: The music of mr. Gnome has been described as utilizing elements of AltRock, Metal, Post Punk, and Prog, but lands in a realm of their own making, crafting a compelling sonic-psychedelic melange of indie rock. Since their conception in 2005, the Cleveland duo has released two EPs, receiving wide-ranging and honorable comparisons to Massive Attack, PJ Harvey, Tool, Portishead, Cat Power, Pelican, Death From Above 1979, Bjork and Blonde Redhead. While comparisons vary, one thing is certain - the duo's unique sound explores unpredictable shades of violence and intensity, while meshing the sludgy, reverberating monsoon of hardcore with the feminine. Their debut full-length CD, Deliver This Creature, hits stores May 6, 2008 on El Marko Records.

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My Morning Jacket

ARTIST / BAND: My Morning Jacket

SONG (MP3): Evil Urges

ALBUM: Evil Urges

FILE UNDER: Rock / Acoustic / Indie

LABEL: ATO Records

INFO: Evil Urges is the fifth studio album by My Morning Jacket. It will be released by ATO Records on June 10, 2008.[1] Writing began in Colorado, while recording was done in Manhattan.[2] Singer and lead songwriter Jim James said that the band wanted to get away from "normal rock and roll sounds" and emulate more of the band's live sound[3]. The album is the first from My Morning Jacket to feature vocals from band members other than James. Many of the songs were previewed at the 2008 South by Southwest music festival[4].

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From Bubblegum To Sky

ARTIST / BAND: From Bubblegum To Sky

SONG (MP3): Even The Sunbeams

ALBUM: A Soft Kill

FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop / Soul

LABEL: eenie meenie

INFO: From Bubblegum to Sky is an indie pop solo project created by Mario Hernandez of Ciao Bella. From Bubblegum to Sky's debut album Me and Amy and the Two French Boys was released in 2000 under the Eenie Meenie Records label. His second and most recent album, Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen was released on the same label in 2004. On December 12, 2005, Hernandez announced that he will no longer use the From Bubblegum to Sky moniker and start anew as Seiko and Salome, the names of his parents. However, as of March 2007, Hernandez seems to dropped the new moniker in favor of using From Bubblegum to Sky once again.

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The Pedaljets

ARTIST / BAND: The Pedaljets

SONG (MP3): Agnes Mind

ALBUM: The Pedaljets

FILE UNDER: Alternative / Powerpop / Psychedelic

LABEL: Throbbing Lobster, Twilight, Communion, Oxblood Records

INFO: Good fortune is often a function of timing and fate. Just ask the Pedaljets. By the end of 1990 the four-piece Kansas City band was defunct, yet rumors of its good health persisted. MTV was airing the video to the Pedaljets’ ‘Place in the Race’, and the band (via a concert poster) was a split-second contributor to the opening credits on ‘Saturday Night Live.’Yet months earlier the band had broken up, unware that the stars were aligning in their favor.’We toured so hard: We’d swing into town and swing out. We never really stepped back and said, ‘Maybe we are making an impact,’ ‘ said Mike Allmayer, the band’s vocalist, songwriter and rhythm guitarist.The Pedaljets broke up for many of the same reasons other good bands break up. For six years they’d taken their act all over the world, accumulating lasting friendships and die-hard fans but scant financial reward.The last act of misfortune came during the recording of ‘The Pedaljets,’ the band’s second album, thanks to a heated financial disagreement between their producer and his landlord.

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Langhorn Slim

ARTIST / BAND: Langhorn Slim

SONG (MP3): Rebel Side of Heaven

ALBUM: Langhorn Slim

FILE UNDER: Folk / Soul / Rock

LABEL: Kemado Records

INFO: Outside of Philadelphia I was born and raised, and in the playground I spent quite a few of my younger days. At the time I had a preference for brunettes but years pass and we change. When my tendencies turned toward blondes I began to hear the call of the big rotten apple and at eighteen, away I went. Gone were the lonely, sweaty summer nights of PA. The crickets were still cricken’ but not in my ears. I was in New York and I was looking for action. Some crave love, some seek danger but I was on the hunt for open mics and not to brag—I found ‘em. In a section of the city once referred to as alphabet on the lower east side there lurks a lot of white guys with acoustic guitars. This minor mass of songsters would meet one, two and sometimes three times a week in the back of bars, smoking, drinking and sharing with each other our newest creations. It was there that I met some good friends and came of age beginning to play my own shows and tour.

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Chris Mills

ARTIST / BAND: Chris Mills

SONG (MP3): Atom Smashers

ALBUM: Living In The Aftermath


LABEL: Ernest Jenning/Powerless Pop

INFO: Chris Mills is a roving troubadour, wandering the countryside kicking ass and taking names. He is also a Leo and enjoys holding hands and going to the movies.

This is what people are saying about his new record, THE WALL TO WALL SESSIONS:

"The most gorgeous piece of chamber pop released this year." - Atlanta Journal & Constitution


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Royal Bangs

ARTIST / BAND: Royal Bangs

SONG (MP3): cat swallow

ALBUM: We Breed Champions



INFO: Royal Bangs from Knoxville, Tennessee, is a laser-fueled, turbo pop
musical group. Once or twice called "like Radiohead vs. fifteen
bottles of Southern Comfort" and "nerd fantasia" by members of the
press.  They recorded "We Breed Champions," a full-length, on their
own at home, released on Audio Eagle records May 2008. They sound
awesome.  They currently party in select areas of the south east,
traveling with too damn much gear, like a wall of beats from computer blasting dueling guitar wizards into hot dog hell, and sheets of red hot synth slam dunk, singing together as a dangerous old/new pop octopus.

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Cipes And The People

ARTIST / BAND: Cipes And The People

SONG (MP3): Free Me

ALBUM: Conscious Revolution

FILE UNDER: Rock / Pop / Reggae

LABEL: high valley ent.

INFO: Greg Cipes (January 4, 1980 in Coral Springs, Florida) is an American voice and film actor. He is also a singer, musician, composer, and professional surfer. He was ranked #3 Junior Professional Surfer in the U.S. in 1998—the year he began his career in cinema.

Since he was 8 years old he has been a vegan, a trait he shares with one of the most loved characters he voiced, Beast Boy. [1]

He was the voice of Atlas in the 2003 Astro Boy anime series.

He has made appearances in the TV series Gilmore Girls, in the season four episode "Ted Koppel's Big Night Out", and Deadwood, as well as the movie Ring of Darkness.

His ex-girlfriend, Juliana Redding was murdered in her apartment in Santa Monica, on the night of March 16, 2008. No indication as to whether Cipes is actually a suspect, but he has not been ruled out.

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Bridges and Powerlines

ARTIST / BAND: Bridges and Powerlines

SONG (MP3): The Golden Age

ALBUM: Ghost Types

FILE UNDER: Indie / Rock /

LABEL: CityBird Records

INFO: Writing the songs for their debut full-length, Bridges and Powerlines began to notice a recurring motif: the male struggle for maturity despite the persistence of boyhood impulses. The stories that populate "Ghost Types" include a diverse collection of such conflicted protagonists: a depression-era film director, a Bangladeshi cab driver, the captain of a doomed steam ship, and a host of others.

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Frightened Rabbit

ARTIST / BAND: Frightened Rabbit

SONG (MP3): Head Rolls Off

ALBUM: The Midnight Organ Fight

FILE UNDER: Pop / Folk / Indie

LABEL: FatCat Records

INFO: Though the past year has seen Frightened Rabbit finally step into public view, with more extensive touring and some recordings now publicly available, the past few years have largely been about the band quietly, commitedly honing their sound, and cultivating their art. Now a three-piece comprising Scott, Billy and Grant, the origins of the band are rooted in 2003, when Scott began playing solo shows under the name Frightened Rabbit, mostly in support of fellow art-schoolers Shitdisco. Recordings were made on a tascam 4-track recorder, with Scott playing all the instruments (some more proficiently than others). Though looser, sparser, and certainly more lo-fi in terms of production values, their early demo’s still attest to a burgeoning talent with a defined personality, and a now familiar penchant for being able to nail a near perfect pop song.

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ARTIST / BAND: Demander

SONG (MP3): Coolie

FILE UNDER: Rock / Indie / Happy Hardcre

INFO: The three members of Demander, perhaps New York City’s most boisterous, witty and good-natured group, have dug in deep at B-Side, a quaint but bombastic bar on the Lower East Side... The bar has become a second home, rally point and late-night rendezvous for a band devoid of an obvious scene affiliation. This is due primarily to their dizzyingly addictive sound, which siphons off progressive punk and metal while salaciously seizing Sleater-Kinney’s darkest shipwrecked moments

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ARTIST / BAND: Soundpool

SONG (MP3): The Divides Of March /Lush (What Becomes You)

ALBUM: Dichotomies & Dreamland

FILE UNDER: Shoegaze / Electronica / Psychedelic

LABEL: aloft

INFO: Soundpool is...
NYC based 5 piece shoegaze/space rock audio/visual recording artists with sweet girlie vox saturated guitar sounds lush synth arrangements and a danceable driving rhythm section who prefer to play out with the backdrop of self produced psychedelic visuals whenever they can.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008


ARTIST / BAND: Cavedoll

SONG (MP3): Decoder

ALBUM: No Vertigo

FILE UNDER: Pop / Rock / Electro

LABEL: Kitefishing Studio

INFO: One of the most innovative and exciting projects to come along in recent years, Salt Lake City based Cavedoll is perfectly poised to burst on to the international music scene. Cavedoll's modern take on rock music combines elements of the dancefloor, with thick guitars, vocal harmonies, huge hooks, and an impeccable sense of style. Cavedoll's debut album "The Harbor", co-produced by Mark Kendall of Great White, is heavily laden with fan-tested hit songs which grab the listener instantly and suck them in with their memorable choruses and catchy melodies.

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SONG (MP3): Je Veux Te Voir (Club-Club Version)

ALBUM: Electrofy Your Life!

FILE UNDER: Pop / Club

LABEL: source-etc.

INFO: Yelle grew up with music, her dad being a famous musician in the Côtes d’Armor region, where she still lives today. She played the piano, then went on to acting, and played in a few bands that never made it past the rehearsals, but whatever: she knew she was a born performer.   
Five years ago, she met GrandMarnier at a marshmallow party. This young musician and producer, was going back and forth between his own band and his student room where he was making beats on his computer. Although his teens were all about Rock music, he was drawn to electronic music after listening to the Beastie Boys and started mucking around with his machines. Yelle started singing on GrandMarnier’s demos just for a laugh at first, but the combination of the boy’s electronic loops and the girl’s half-sung half-rapped voice worked so well that they naturally ended up producing an electro pop album all in French if you please. Yelle’s golden voice was in the house!

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MUZORAMA playlist 20 april

Tilly and the Wall




Mostly Bears - Melancholyism
Head of Femur - Jetway Junior
The Submarines - You, Me, & The Bourgeoisie
Temposhark - Crime
James Pants - We're Through
The Autumns vs. Evol Intent - Killer in Drag
Tilly and the Wall - Cacophony
Daniel Ahearn - Down for the count
Pattern is Movement - Bird
Constantines - Hard Feelings
The Terrordactyls - Overcast Summer
The Instruments - Ode To The Sea
Anthem In - Hold on to me
The Boy Bathing - The beaches meet the sea
David Ramos - Kings and Queens
Ghost Bees - Vampire of the West Coast
Tim Miller - Let Us End



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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Evol Intent

ARTIST / BAND: Evol Intent

SONG (MP3): Killer in Drag (The Autumns vs. Evol Intent)

FILE UNDER: Drum & Bass / IDM / Melodramatic Popular Song

LABEL: Evol Intent Recordings

INFO: Evol Intent is a hardstep drum and bass/IDM group formed in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. in 2000. The group is comprised of The Enemy (Ashley Jones), Knick (Nick Weiller), and Gigantor (Mike Diasio).

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Tim Miller

ARTIST / BAND: Tim Miller

SONG (MP3): Let Us End

ALBUM: Let's Go

FILE UNDER: Acoustic / Indie / Pop

INFO: My name is Tim - I'm a singer/songwriter based in Dallas, Texas. Like other artists on myspace, I made a list of those I’m influenced by (look left). I know it’s a lot - quite honestly, it’s not even complete. Anyway, I suppose my music sounds like some combination of them; that would make sense really. I've been told a young Bruce Springsteen, with touches of David Gray and Ari Hest. At the end of the day, it's pretty straightforward acoustically driven stuff.

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Ghost Bees

ARTIST / BAND: Ghost Bees

SONG (MP3): Vampire of the West Coast

ALBUM: Tasseomancy

FILE UNDER: Indie / Folk / Shoegaze

LABEL: Youth Club Records

INFO: Romy and Sari Lightman are the founding members of the Halifax based folk group, Ghost Bees. The twin sisters have been playing music together and writing songs for as long as they can remember. Their sound has been referred to by critics as an "eclectic brand of spooky folk", with musical comparisions to the avante garde, hand-spun tales of Joanna Newsom and the dark and playful harmonies of CocoRosie. Ghost Bees follow in similiar form, weaving delicate, haunting vocals accompanied by uncoventional, bold and poetic prose.  They have been noted in reviews by Canada's Walk of Fame, as an up-and coming band involved
in the "midst of Halifax's musical renaissance" amongst the "stream of burgeoning folk-inspired bands who are carving out their own paths within the indie folk scene".

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David Ramos

ARTIST / BAND: David Ramos

SONG (MP3): Kings and Queens

ALBUM: This Up Here

FILE UNDER: Psychedelic / Pop / Hip Hop

LABEL: Fake Four Inc.

INFO: I finished this record early in the summer. But, because of some personal situations I have not been really thinking about much besides my family. However, things are getting much better and I am once again starting to think about music. My brother and eye are playing and preparing for the never ending/never to be released new Anonymous Inc record. Ceschi is writing a lot of new songs that are sounding really "prog." Speaking of "prog," I was recently in Modern Drummer where they named me one of the top ten prog drummers. Its funny cause I don't really think I am a prog drummer, but its nice to be in a magazine that I used to read when I was 12. record is done, and I put up a song that Ceschi sang on. It is called "one last stop."
ok I hope someone listens.

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The Boy Bathing

ARTIST / BAND: The Boy Bathing

SONG (MP3): the beaches meet the sea


FILE UNDER: Indie / Emo / Folk

LABEL: Cuddlecore

INFO: The Boy Bathing is an indie rock, emo, folk band from New York City. Their music focuses on prolific lyricism, extravagant arrangements and dramatic live performances. The band is fundamentally comprised of four members who use a variety of sounds to create micro-worlds out of the story or imagery of each song.
The first full-length record by The Boy Bathing is called “A Fire to Make Preparations” and it was completed in the fall of 2007 after almost two years of recording. Other songs of theirs have been featured on several European and US compilations alongside The Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens and Jens Lenkman.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Anthem In

ARTIST / BAND: Anthem In

SONG (MP3): Hold on to me

ALBUM: Anthem In


LABEL: Quiet/Loud Records

INFO: Allen Orr and Ashley Proffitt met in the fall of 2000 in Atlanta and instantly became fans of each other’s music. Allen was in the band Igloo and Ashley was playing quiet solo shows. Over the next seven years the two of them each moved several times to different cities and countries, only to reconnect in New York. Allen had a bunch of songs, Ashley had a Wurlitzer and one thing led to another.

On September 15th of 2007, Allen and Ashley met in a rehearsal space in the Lower East Side, exactly seven years to the day after the two of them met for the first time in Atlanta. They bonded over a mutual love of Def Leppard’s Hysteria, and Anthem In was born.

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The Instruments

ARTIST / BAND: The Instruments

SONG (MP3): Ode To The Sea

ALBUM: Dark Småland

FILE UNDER: Indie / Experimental / Folk

LABEL: Orange Twin

INFO: McIntosh has been a staple of the Athens music scene for the past decade. She is a classically trained cellist and earned her bachelor's degree in music from the University of Georgia. She is currently a member of the Athens' bands Circulatory System, Elf Power and Japancakes and has also played or recorded with bands such as Superchunk, Of Montreal, The Gerbils, and Kevin Ayers.

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The Terrordactyls

ARTIST / BAND: The Terrordactyls

SONG (MP3): Overcast Summer

ALBUM: Mike Bowers EP

FILE UNDER: Indie / Powerpop / Acoustic

LABEL: Don't Stop Believin', Pankof, Rallytime

INFO: Originally a quartet, The Terrodactyls once featured Brendhan Bowers on drums and Scott Yoder on guitar. The two eventually left the band because they were no longer willing to participate in the rigorous daily regimens of weight lifting and jumping jacks required by the group’s image consultant, Extremeline.

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ARTIST / BAND: Constantines

SONG (MP3): Hard Feelings

ALBUM: Kensington Heights


LABEL: Arts&Crafts:

INFO: The first pressing of the Constantines' self-titled debut (released on Canadian indie Three Gut Records in 2001) was fittingly packaged so that, upon opening the red cardstock booklet, you'd find a single strike-anywhere match. In an effort to not ruin the beauty and poignancy of a thing with a guided tour of its finer points and implications, suffice it to say that if your relationship with rock and roll is not fundamentally a quest for fire (elemental, transformative, consuming), you've utterly missed the point.

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Pattern is Movement

ARTIST / BAND: Pattern is Movement

SONG (MP3): Bird

ALBUM: All Together

FILE UNDER: Indie / Nu-Jazz

LABEL: Hometapes

INFO: Pattern is Movement is an American indie rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and established in 2001. The group's music often features repeating patterns that show their influence from minimalism. They have been categorized by some reviewers as a math rock group, and compared to groups such as Don Caballero, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Pinback. All of the group's members have a background in classical music.[1]

In 2006, producer/engineer Scott Solter (who has worked with John Vanderslice and the Mountain Goats) remixed the 2005 album Stowaway, which he had also recorded. This remix was considered unique due to its exclusivity to analog processes--Solter is credited on the album with "machines, razors, tape."[2]

As of 2008, Pattern is Movement are performing as a two-piece. The band are due to emerge with a new album documenting the lineup in the spring of 2008, also recorded with Solter.[3]

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Daniel Ahearn

ARTIST / BAND: Daniel Ahearn

SONG (MP3): Down for the count

ALBUM: Pray for me by name

FILE UNDER: Americana / Electroacoustic



Tilly and the Wall

ARTIST / BAND: Tilly and the Wall

SONG (MP3): Cacophony


FILE UNDER: Pop / Indie / Folk

LABEL: Moshi Moshi

INFO: The group formed in 2001 after the demise of several Omaha groups, including Conor Oberst's Park Ave., of which Neely Jenkins and Jamie Pressnall (then Jamie Williams) were members. Jamie brought along Kianna Alarid from another band that broke up called Magic Kiss. Derek Pressnall and Nick White, natives of Dunwoody, Georgia were drawn to the music scene in Omaha, Nebraska and moved. [1]

Their first show was an open-mic night at the now defunct Ranch Bowl. Their first release, Woo!, was recorded in Conor Oberst's garage, self-published, and distributed at shows around the Omaha area. The group released a limited-pressing eponymous 7" on Rue Royale Records, followed by their debut LP, Wild Like Children in 2004. It was the flagship release on Oberst's Team Love label and made with the help of Presto studios. Wild Like Children garnered the band a substantial amount of critical acclaim and propelled them to national tours with Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, and Of Montreal. In early 2005, Tilly and the Wall became the first "band in residence" at Omaha's Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, using the Bemis Underground's Studio T to develop their follow-up album to Wild Like Children.

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James Pants

ARTIST / BAND: James Pants

SONG (MP3): We're Through

ALBUM: Welcome

FILE UNDER: R&B / Rap / New Wave

LABEL: Stones Throw Records

INFO: THE YEAR IS 2001 AND THE PLACE IS TEXAS. Stones Throw head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf is DJing while a sharply dressed young man approaches the DJ Booth with his Prom date in tow to formally introduce himself. Thus begins the story of James Pants.

What began as a dream Prom night to see his hero DJ went to an internship at the label to eventually landing the ultimate fantasy by being signed to the roster and championed as the ‘next big thing’ by none other than Peanut Butter Wolf himself – on top of critics like Busy P, Urb, XLR8R, & Dazed & Confused Magazines.

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The Submarines

ARTIST / BAND: The Submarines

SONG (MP3): You, Me, & The Bourgeoisie

ALBUM: Honeysuckle Weeks

FILE UNDER: Folk / Shoegaze

LABEL: Nettwerk

INFO: The Submarines are an indie pop band from Los Angeles, California. Working as solo artists in Boston, the two members of the band, John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard, were introduced through a mutual friend. Dragonetti and Hazard soon become romantically involved, and toured Europe together as members of each other's band. The relationship lasted for four years, but ended in the fall of 2004 when the pair moved to L.A.[1] After the break-up, both Hazard and Dragonetti continued writing songs, and because Hazard still recorded her music in Dragonetti's home studio, the pair quickly discovered the songs they had written were about each other and their sadness in having broken up. Knowing this, the duo decided to work on a few songs together and eventually got back together. Declare a New State, The Submarines' first album, is what came out of these recording sessions. The album was mastered by a friend as a wedding present, and released in 2006 on the Nettwerk label.[2]

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Head of Femur

ARTIST / BAND: Head of Femur
SONG (MP3): Jetway Junior
ALBUM: Great Plains
FILE UNDER: Rock / Pop / Experimental
LABEL: Greyday Records
INFO: Head of Femur is a Chicago band formed in November of 2001 by Nebraska natives Mike Elsener, Ben Armstrong and Matt Focht. The band was initially conceived as a forum for the three to compose pop songs while awaiting the reformation of their previous band, Pablo's Triangle. As the weeks passed the reformation looked unlikely.
With a large catalog of songs already taking shape by early 2002, Head of Femur began to recruit musicians to flesh out the lineup for live performance. The nature of the music demanded more than the traditional rock band instrumentation, so strings, trumpet, and orchestral percussion were added along with drums and bass guitar. Head of Femur played their first show at a small club in Chicago in March of 2002. They made plans to record a demo with local producer Jim Bentley and perform at Chicago's Empty Bottle.
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Mostly Bears

ARTIST / BAND: Mostly Bears

SONG (MP3): Melancholyism

ALBUM: The Ed Mitchell Clinic

FILE UNDER: Rock / Experimental / Psychedelic

LABEL: funzalo records

INFO: Formed a little over one year ago, this eclectic and lively trio merged right into the Tucson music scene and seemingly took it over. Talent like this doesn’t stay a secret for long.  What takes most bands years to achieved seemingly occurred overnight for Mostly Bears.  They scored a record deal, signed with booking agency Lost Barrio Artists, began to chart on college radio with an E.P. and served as the supporting band for indie rockers And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008


ARTIST / BAND: Temposhark

SONG (MP3): Crime

ALBUM: The Invisible Line

FILE UNDER: Electronica / Pop / Rock

LABEL: Defend Music Inc

INFO: London-based electronic rock band Temposhark was formed in December 2004 by singer/songwriter Rob Diament and producer Luke Busby. The band immediately set up its own record label Paper and Glue as a means of releasing a series of limited edition singles; the first of which was the critically acclaimed EP Neon Question Mark. An instant hit with the UK underground, Temposhark, quickly collaborated on a duet with singer Imogen Heap (Frou Frou) and received club remixes from electro pioneers including Cursor Miner, Mark Moore (S'Express), Avril (F Communications), Metronomy, Melnyk, Crispin J Glover, Noblesse Oblige (Horse Glue) and hip-hop artists Border Crossing and Akira The Don

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Laura Cantrell

ARTIST / BAND: Laura Cantrell

SONG (MP3): Love Vigilantes

ALBUM: Trains and Boats and Planes

FILE UNDER: Country / Alternative

LABEL: Matador Records

INFO: Trains and Boats and Planes features Cantrell’s first new recordings in three years, ending a temporary hiatus during which her attentions were focused on raising her new daughter. The new, all-covers collection adds a vibrant new chapter to the artist’s distinctive, deeply personal body of work, which has artfully merged her lifelong affinity for American country and folk traditions with an unmistakably contemporary sensibility. The result is timelessly resonant music that’s unmistakably personal and thoroughly original.

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SONG (MP3): Swimming

ALBUM: Water For The Day

FILE UNDER: Indie / Folk / Pop

LABEL: hush records

INFO: After recording Oh Say Little Dogies, Why? (Keep Recordings, 2003) in the desert of New Mexico and the industrial area of Portland, Oregon, Shelley Short left art school in the Pacific Northwest and headed eastward to Chicago for no good reason. Pressed in limited quantity, Oh Say Little Dogies, Why? reached an extensive musical network, building critical momentum along the way.

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Jane Vain & the Dark Matter!

ARTIST / BAND: Jane Vain & the Dark Matter!

SONG (MP3): C'mon Baby Say Bang Bang

ALBUM: love is where the smoke is

FILE UNDER: Indie / Electro / Pop

LABEL: rectangle records

INFO: From somewhere beneath the swelling strings and synths, the angular guitars and pulsating beats, cleaves the voice of Jamie Fooks of Jane Vain & the Dark Matter. In early 2003, Fooks started writing songs by her self in her basement apartment, to deal with the remaining demons of a reckless adolescence. Somewhat deterred by an open mic night that ended in tears, Fooks was encouraged to continue performing by the support of friends, and the interest of current guitar player Dillon Whitfield (of Raccoon). With the addition of Whitfield’s haphazard guitar playing, the foundation of Jane Vain & the Dark Matter was laid.

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ARTIST / BAND: Everest

SONG (MP3): Rebels In The Roses

ALBUM: Ghost Notes

FILE UNDER: Rock / Indie / Acoustic

LABEL: Vapor Records

INFO: Everest is a group of Los Angeles music community alumni and friends who decided to create music together. The result is the album Ghost Notes, to be released by Vapor Records on May 6, 2008. Everest was formed by Russell Pollard (vocals, guitar, drums), J. Soda (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Rob Douglas (bass, vocals), and Joel Graves (guitar, keyboards, vocals), with the help of friend and drummer Davey Latter. Kevin Bronson of the Los Angeles Times observed that the band members “sport resumes longer than the intro to ‘Cortez The Killer’” and it’s true – these guys have spent time in bands such as Sebadoh, the Folk Implosion, Earlimart, Mike Stinson, Slydell, John Vanderslice, and the Watson Twins.

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