Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dope Body

ARTIST / BAND: Dope Body

MP3: "The Shape of Grunge to Come"


FILE UNDER: Noise punk, Indie, Ska, Funk

LABEL: Hoss Records

INFO: Since forming in 2009, Baltimore native sons Dope Body have evolved on a truly logarithmic scale. Moving from stark, primitve punk-metal to genre-swallowing, unabashedly-90's-referencing, poly-rhythmic brutes in less than two years, the band has created a bizarre new standard for the mutant art-punk-beaster set.
Nupping, their debut full-length, manages to recall the best of the heavier, more obtuse and rhythmically inventive elements of punk rock from the past thirty years, as well as the kind of formative-influence-stuff alot of current artsy, heavy bands don't wanna acknowledge: Rage, Wu-Tang, nu-metal, Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys, and contemporary pop radio.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Echo-Friendly

Monday, June 27, 2011


SONG (MP3): "Fever Dreams" 
ALBUM: Dracula
LABEL: Dead Oceans
INFO:Nurses return with Dracula, the follow-up to their 2009 homemade psych gem Apple's Acre. Dracula is steeped in the strange pop brew that bore Apple's Acre, with the band's unmistakable elastic melodies, heady pop hooks and unconventional knack for catchy songwriting that gets under your skin. But where Apple's Acre was an insular album, recorded primarily in an attic in Idaho using just an internal Macbook microphone and primitive recording software, Dracula is bursting. It's bolder, heavier, with deep grooves, dubby basslines and a focus on rhythm. It's an album with pure physical qualities. Apple's Acre was an album made for headphones; Dracula needs a sound system. What has not changed is the undeniable constant in Nurses' body of work: their immediate and catchy pop songs. The band embraces hooks and melodies--yes, they turn them upside down and inside out--but at their core, the band (and Dracula) are defined by pop more from the source...

Sunday, June 26, 2011


ARTIST / BAND: Witches
SONGs (MP3):  "Count to Ten" /  "Black Dog" /"Creature of Nature"
ALBUM: Forever 
FILE UNDER: Indie, rock
LABEL: Bakery Outlet Records
INFO:Punk by allegiance and attitude, pop by virtue of their wistful melodicism, Witches are a band borne of singularly American originality. Cara Beth Satalino is a New York-born chanteuse with a rougher than typical edge. Michael Clancy, a fellow Yankee, is a self-taught drummer of natural ability and feel. Jared Gandy, veteran of Athens groups with both DIY punk and Elephant Six Collective pedigree alike, rounds out the band's lineup on bass guitar. The band takes touches of the Breeders' feminine boldness, Des Ark's brusque emotional stance, and the wide-open, true rock n' roll worldliness of Midwestern punk idols the Replacements. read more from the source...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

finding fiction

Migraines & Sheep Cover Art

Friday, June 24, 2011

Yourself and The Air

ARTIST / BAND: Yourself and The Air
SONG (MP3)Trampolines
ALBUM: Who's Who In The Zoo EP
LABEL: Hands Organics Records / lujo records
INFO: Hailing from Chicago’s lower west side, Yourself And The Air combine Midwest atmospherics with the sweeping sprawl of a skyward city built on electricity and steel. Take flight over Lake Michigan and this is your soundtrack. Songs to think to. Songs to dream to. At one moment the infinitesimal line between water and sky, the next the buzzing neons of the boulevard at night, escaping crowded bars for desolate alleys — you and a memory, Yourself And The more from the source...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Luyas

ARTIST / BAND: The Luyas
ALBUM:Too Beautiful To Work
FILE UNDER: Experimental / Indie 
LABEL: dead oceans
INFO:The Luyas are four musicians named Jessie Stein, Mathieu Charbonneau, Pietro Amatro and Stefan Schneider. They made a record called Too Beautiful to Work at 6 Nassau in Toronto, Ontario, and call Montreal, Quebec home. read more from the source...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pepper Rabbit

ARTIST / BAND: Pepper Rabbit

MP3: 'Rose Mary Stretch'

FILE UNDER: Pop / Psychedelic

LABEL: Kanine Records

INFO: While they now live in Los Angeles, Pepper Rabbit was practically born in New Orleans. In fact, the NOLA sessions for their debut LP (Beauregard) left such a lasting impression on the young duo that it continues to haunt this summer’s Red Velvet Snow Ball album, from the surreal art on its sleeve to the cake-flavored snow cone that gave the mind-expanding record its name.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

The End Records Summer Sampler

1. Oh What A Night - Guano Apes    
2. Dreaming Light - Anathema
3. Unprofessional Wrestling - Art Brut    
4. Utopia - Brendan Perry
5. Only Man - Audio Bullys
6. This Electric - Badly Drawn Boy    
7. The Great God Pan! - Spirits Of The Dead    
8. Beautiful Now - James Maddock    
9. My Foolish Pride - The Charlatans UK
10. Underneath - Tarja    
11. The Great Disruptors - Sweethead
12. Wicked Self - Too Late The Hero

Click here to download the free Summer Sampler

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Peter Wolf Crier

ARTIST / BAND: Peter Wolf Crier
SONG (MP3): "Right Away"
ALBUM: Garden of Arm
FILE UNDER: Indie Rock
LABEL: Jagjaguwar
INFO:It is not so much a sound as a spirit. You don't need to name it to know it or to trust it. Peter Wolf Crier's second album Garden of Arms is a document that paints a vivid portrait of all the pain and beauty of growth. Written with the at-home repose demanded by performing a hundred shows in six months, these eleven tracks were nurtured from their hushed origins with a new-found footing of confidence and experimentation. Adapting the tenets of the grinding live show, the duo of Peter Pisano and Brian Moen transformed the fuzzy distortion, rolling and crashing drums, and laser-focused purposefulness into an intensely dynamic yet supremely polished album.  read more from the source...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Future Islands

ARTIST / BAND: Future Islands
MP3: Before The Bridge
FILE UNDER: post wave
LABEL: Thrill Jockey
INFO: Too many bands in the era of buzz and the blog are taken before their time. The spotlight hits hard and finds a group who has not yet developed, not yet put in the work to find their sound and hone it and make themselves better, and just as quickly they’re gone. Future Islands are not one of those bands.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Dark Mean

Happy Banjo from Dark Mean on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 16, 2011



Holy Other is a Mancunian musician based in Berlin.
The sound he creates are hyper-aggressive, violent but amazingly calming that feels like slow, pulverizing pounds of lush, raw ambient surrounded by drones and screwed samples then drained by layers of orchestral soul enshrined in burial inspired dubstep beats.

Holy Other :: Touch

Holy Other :: Yr Love

Latest tracks by HOLY OTHER

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Laurence Made Me Cry

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Morning Jacket

ARTIST / BAND: My Morning Jacket

MP3: Holdin On To Black Metal

ALBUM: Circuital

FILE UNDER: Psychedelic rock

LABEL: ATO Records

INFO: “The new record, Circuital, is named after the title song,” explains Jim James, of My Morning Jacket’s sixth studio album. “On that song I sing about ending up in the same place where you started out. And that makes a lot of sense for this album… I hate the phrase ‘going back to our roots’, but for this record we came home and made it in Kentucky. And it just felt a lot like it did when we were first starting out…”

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Making Friendz

ARTIST / BAND: Making Friendz
MP3: "Situation"  / Situation (Teen Wolf Mix)

ALBUM: Social Life
FILE UNDER: lo-fi punk/ pop
LABEL: Last Bummer Records
INFO: Nearly ten years after her two solo records, New York Times “Artist to Watch” Tami Hart is back with the debut album from the latest of her many projects, Making Friendz.Social Life, her much anticipated return, is a sweet, sweaty mixture of lo-fi punk and glossy pop, R&B and disco, rooted in a spirit of collaboration with fellow artists and friends. But make no mistake, Making Friendz is Tami Hart.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

This Summer For Free

Silver Swans


ARTIST / BAND: Silver Swans
MP3: Mother of Pearl
ALBUM: Forever
INFO: The Silver Swans are three fictional characters in the Wonder Woman stories. Each Silver Swan has the ability to create powerful sound waves with her voice. Her "swan song" is capable of devastating a small area of land with its destructive force. By creating a low-level humming, the Silver Swan can form a protective shield around herself that can deflect bullets and projectiles. They also have the telepathic ability to control birds and re-arrange matter with the sound they generate.
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NYC Popfest 2011: Silver Swans performs "Let It Happen" at The Rock Shop, Brooklyn from on Vimeo.