Monday, February 21, 2011

The Luyas

ARTIST / BAND: The Luyas
ALBUM: Too Beautiful to Work
FILE UNDER: Experimental / Indie
LABEL: Dead Oceans / Idée Fixe
INFO: The Luyas are four musicians named Jessie Stein, Mathieu Charbonneau, Pietro Amatro and Stefan Scheider. They made a record called Too Beautiful to Work at 6 Nassau in Toronto, Ontario, and call Montreal, Quebec home. r
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Sunday, February 20, 2011



MP3: "Highrise"

ALBUM: Glorie

FILE UNDER: Experimental / Rock

LABEL: Makeshift Music

INFO: Instrumental band Glorie was formed in Memphis, TN in the spring of 2009 by Jason Paxton, former frontman of The Satyrs, after an eight-year hiatus from playing music.

Jason was joined by Jonathan Kirkscey (cellist with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra who has composed arrangements for and performed live with Jay Reatard, Cat Power, and Al Green) Andy Saunders, Jeff Hulett (member of Makeshift Music label-mates Snowglobe and Jeffrey James & the Haul) and Rob Brimhall.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adebisi Shank


ARTIST / BAND: Adebisi Shank

FILE UNDER: dance instrumental punk rock

LABEL: Sargent House

INFO: Imagine it's 1985 and you're making a movie that takes place in 2011. You picture myriad technological devices that simplify our lives -- every mundane activity can be accomplished with the push of a button -- freeing us to travel the globe, living a life of total awesomeness. The anthemic optimism of your era, you assume, will eventually enrich the entire world and create a global new form of music. This Is the Second Album From A Band Called Adebisi Shank is just the type of futuristic-utopian sound of a parallel 2011 universe breaking through the time-space continuum to guide us all to perfection.

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Friday, February 18, 2011



MP3: Wolves and Bells

ALBUM: Lay Your Sea Coat Aside

FILE UNDER: Experimental / Folk

LABEL: Plancha

INFO: Lori Scacco and Eva Puyuelo first met through mutual friend and collaborator Guillermo Scott Herren when Lori was asked to tour as part of the Savath & Savalas live band. Years later as Lori was writing new solo material and Eva was in New York recording with Savath & Savalas, she invited Eva to join her on one song for her new record which, at the time, was intended to be mostly instrumental. They soon discovered that they had a deep-rooted creative connection and a shared love of 70’s psych-folk one-offs, so they made a plan to bring Eva back to the states in the coming months to begin work on a full-length. Lay Your Sea Coat Aside is the result of 5 weeks spent sequestered in New York City, immersed in a wholly collaborative exchange. Inspired by Linda Perhacs, Extradition, Nico, and Elis Regina’s most stripped down collaborations with Milton Nascimento, they poured over a number of guitar pieces Lori had amassed throughout the initial writing stages and developed an explorative practice

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moving Units

ARTIST / BAND: Moving Units

MP3: Until She Says

ALBUM: Tension War EP

FILE UNDER: post punk, inide dance

LABEL: Post Modern Records

INFO: Hailed for pioneering post-punk, indie–dance music – a sound often reflected by today's contemporaries, Los Angeles' Moving Units, now ten years into their career, are set to release their EP, Tension War.Tension War references the existential personal struggles we experience when we attempt to harmonize the dualities in everyday life. From the push and pull that ensues during an unspoken attraction, to the dynamic of living in Los Angeles - a city full of symbolism and paraphernalia of glamour versus the desperation and disillusionment of the people who aspire to such entrapments...tension is everywhere.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Le Butcherettes


ARTIST / BAND: Le Butcherettes

MP3: "Henry Don't Got Love" / "New York"

ALBUM: Sin Sin Sin

FILE UNDER: garage punk

LABEL: Rodriguez Lopez Productions

INFO: The garage-punk trio Le Butcherettes are like the brilliant offspring of surrealist Luis Bunuel and intrepid rock icon PJ Harvey. Led by 21-year-old vocalist/guitarist/pianist Teri Gender Bender (a recent transplant to L.A. from Guadalajara, Mexico) Le Butcherettes bring a brazen intensity and playful, hook-laden simplicity that hacks to pieces all forms of pretension and excess.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


ARTIST / BAND: Jookabox

MP3: "Drops"

ALBUM: The Eyes Of The Fly


LABEL: Asthmatic Kitty

INFO: A band whose imagery echoes ghosts, zombies, decay, and the afterlife, inspired by life in the post-industrial land of white flight, now writes its own epitaph, carves its own headstone, and sings its swan song. May the funky frenetic compositions of Jookabox rest in chaos as beautiful as that which they created.

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Monday, February 14, 2011


ARTIST / BAND: Discodeine

MP3: 'Synchronize' Feat. Jarvis Cocker

ALBUM: Discodeine

FILE UNDER: dance, electronic, pop

LABEL: DFA Records

INFO: DISCODEINE is a french duo born in 2007 from the sick minds of Pilooski and Pentile. They have separatedly released some acclaimed records in the last past years (Pentile was involved in Octet and France Copland, Pilooski has remixed LCD Sound System, Mystery Jets and the infamous Frankie Valli) before finding a mutual ground around their love for sci fi movies, weird club music and south western french cooking style. Discodeine is signed on french imprint DIRTY, home label of the well known "Dirty edits" (a collaborative project between Pilooski and Dirty Sound System) and some other cool and weird compilations projects.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jail Weddings

ARTIST / BAND: Jail Weddings

MP3: I Thought You Were Someone I Knew

ALBUM: Love Is Lawless

FILE UNDER: Melodramatic Popular Song / Pop / Soul

LABEL: play white noise

INFO: Love Is Lawless the new album from Jail Weddings that the LA Weekly calls “a big, fine mess of weepy, quavering, hiccupy hurtin’ hurt, plowed through with a way-tough punk-rock theatricality and welcome good humor” is out today! Get it on-sale for only $7.69 (until 11/1) from Insound, with every order receiving a bonus CD containing songs from Jail Weddings first two out-of-print 7″ singles as well as a live cover of The Cramps’ “Beautiful Gardens”.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

La Resistance

ARTIST / BAND: La Resistance

MP3: Understanding / Isolation

ALBUM: Philosophy

FILE UNDER: Rock, Indie, Pop

LABEL: Superphonic Records

INFO: La Resistance is the brainchild of Greg Summerlin, who after releasing several solo albums on Superphonic Records formed the new Birmingham, Alabama band with three friends that have played with him over the past several years. The band's debut album, "Philosophy", will be released through Superphonic Records this February and recalls various musical influences from the last three decades. Greg is joined by Wil Drake on drums (formerly of Moses Mayfield - Columbia Records), Jake Blount on bass and Erin Tumlin on keys and vocals.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011



MP3: "Superficial Friction"

ALBUM: Avant Gold

FILE UNDER: Indie / Live Electronics

LABEL: Obvious Bandits

INFO: Ryat is a cutting-edge producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, who transfers her compositions into an improvisation based live looping project featuring guitarist/composer Tim Conley.  Compared to artist like Panda Bear and Bjork, Ryat's multidimensional musical approach is an array of effects processed raw organic pop.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Caribbean

ARTIST / BAND: The Caribbean

MP3: Mr. Let's Find Out / Outskirts

ALBUM: Discontinued Perfume


LABEL: Hometapes

INFO: Quite possibly the best demo we will ever receive came in the mail from our nation's capital thanks to The Caribbean. Originally in D.C. area bands Townies and Smart Went Crazy, the boys followed up their astounding album on Tomlab and Endearing (History's First Know-It-All) by coming to Hometapes and recording the William of Orange EP with studio collaborator Chad Clark (Beauty Pill / Silver Sonya Studios). After a few brief tours on America's coasts they have returned with Plastic Explosives, again recorded with Chad Clark and at their own home studio. They consistently amaze us with their musical knowledge, witty charm, epic email threads, and skill at navigating the murky waters where pop and not-pop collide. They make lovely house guests and would love to play your local venue at the nearest convenience.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011



MP3: True

ALBUM: Music Belongs In The Background

FILE UNDER: Alternative / Indie / Rock

LABEL: s/r

INFO: Los Angeles natives, ALSO, will release their third full-length Music Belongs In the Background on February 22, 2011.

In many ways, the guys from ALSO are an anti-rock band. Drew Conrad, Scotland Stephenson, and Mark Zelen are all self-proclaimed neat freaks with families and day jobs. They don’t have tattoos. They don’t do drugs. They take naps.

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Monday, February 07, 2011


ARTIST / BAND: Snowblink

MP3: Ambergris

ALBUM: Long Live

FILE UNDER: folk, pop

LABEL: Fire Records

INFO: Recently back from a six-week US tour opening for Owen Pallett, Snowblink‘s debut album Long Live, is now available on Fire Records, in conjunction with a European tour centered around The Sounds Quixotic festival in Vevey Switzerland.

Currently a Toronto-based duo comprised of Daniela Gesundheit (Bruce Peninsula) and Dan Goldman, the line-up of Snowblink past has been known to expand to include other extended-community members — MGMT, Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors), Frank Lyon (Keepaway), Caley Monahon-Ward (Extra Life), and fellow Fire artist Ryan Driver among them.

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Sunday, February 06, 2011



MP3: I'm Still The Same Person / I'm Still The Same Person (Free The Robots remix)

ALBUM: Bellow


LABEL: Manimal Vinyl

INFO: Something small and quiet at first, Sister Crayon began with vocalist Terra Lopez playing classical guitar and pre-programmed beats on a loop pedal to attentive house crowds. With the addition of members Dani Fernandez (MPC 1000 and Microkorg), Nicholas Suhr (Drums and Percussion) and Jeffrey LaTour  (Keyboards, Synths, Guitars, etc.),  Sister Crayon has emerged as a four-piece whose emotional live performances along with their styles of ambience, hip-hop, and “hysteria” have created a stir with their EP release, “Enter Into Holy (or)ders”. With their debut LP entitled “Bellow” set to be released February 28th, 2011, Sister Crayon spreading the word of their music any and every way possible.

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Loch Lomond

ARTIST / BAND: Loch Lomond

MP3: "Blue Lead Fences" , "Elephants & Little Girls "

ALBUM: Little Me Will Start A Storm

FILE UNDER: Experimental / Folk / Pop

LABEL: Tender Loving Empire

INFO: After a string of head-turning, critically acclaimed releases on Hush Records, Portland's Loch Lomond is bringing their unique brand of raw symphonic chamber pop to the growing Portland label/media arts collective/store/gallery, Tender Loving Empire. Responsible for recent releases from the likes of Y La Bamba, Typhoon, Jared Mees & The Grown Children and more, Loch Lomond has slated their much anticipated second full length 'Little Me Will Start A Storm' for release on Tuesday, February 22nd. The album was mixed by Adam Selzer (who has recorded all of M Ward's records), Tucker Martine (Laura Veirs, The Decemberists), and Kevin Robinson (of Viva Voce). The stunning track

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Thursday, February 03, 2011



ARTIST / BAND: Torpedo

MP3: Waiting For The Fall [Single Version]


FILE UNDER: krautpop, alternative, electronic

Waiting For The Fall [Single Version] by flagstone

INFO: Torpedo play kraut influenced electronic alternative rock/pop. The band call it Krautpop. A Swedish music blog recently described Torpedo as a mix between Miike Snow and The Knife which could be a good description. Torpedo just finished their second album "We", produced by Christoffer Berg, first single "Waiting For The Fall" is released February 14th and album April 29th.

25 years of Giant Sand

ARTIST / BAND: Giant Sand

MP3s: "Graveyard"(from Ballad Of A Thin Line Man)

            "Uneven Light Of Day"(from Storm)

            "Valley Of Rain"(from Valley of Rain) 

ALBUM: Giant Sand back catalog

FILE UNDER: IAlternative / Americana / Indie

LABEL: fire records

INFO: 2010 marked the 25th anniversary of Valley Of Rain - the debut album by Giant Sand, the ever-shifting alternative rock band overseen by "the Godfather of Alt. Country" Howe Gelb. With that in mind, the band will spend the next year celebrating in the only way they know how: with a flurry of great music! There is a special one-off show at the City Winery in New York City tomorrow, February 1st!  The newest Giant Sand album,Blurry Blue Mountain, will be released on vinyl tomorrow, as well.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mathew Sawyer And The Ghosts

ARTIST / BAND: Mathew Sawyer And The Ghosts

MP3: "Myna Birds Call"

ALBUM: How Snakes Eat

FILE UNDER: Indie, Pop

LABEL: Fire Records

INFO: If you were to make maps of the human voice, Mathew Sawyer is someone you'd balk at starting with. A vocal cartographer would have an easier ride with an X-Factor pop vocalist. The resultant sketch would be of somewhere abstract, featureless and dull. A moneybound R&B diva might lead to an Ordinance Survey Map of a smooth and well functioning future city with symmetrical civic parks and equidistant train stations. The growl of a death metal bellower would reveal itself in a landscape of Tolkienesque volcanoes, castles and dragons lairs.

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