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Matthew Squires

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Dive Index

About: Lost In The Pressure is the latest album from Dive Index, an electro-acoustic collaborative project spearheaded by producer Will Thomas. Recorded in New York City and Los Angeles, the album features vocals by Isaiah Gage and Simone White. The arrangements incorporate piano, cello, guitars, found sounds and a blend of live and electronic percussion, creating a multi-layered foundation for the vocals. Loops and effects are used to build melodic and rhythmic textures. The personal themes in Isaiah and Simone’s lyrics reflect the intimate way in which the songs were written and recorded.

SoundCloud: Dive Index - "A Person To Hide With"
WAV File: Dive Index - "A Person To Hide With"
SoundCloud: Dive Index - "Pattern Pieces"

WAV File: Dive Index - "Pattern Pieces"
SoundCloud: Dive Index - "Counting Umbrellas"

WAV File: Dive Index - "Counting Umbrellas"
SoundCloud: Dive Index - "Rewind Your Patience"

WAV File: Dive Index - "Rewind Your Patience"

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Lia Ices

MP3: "Grown Unknown"
FILE UNDER: Folk Rock / Experimental
LABEL: Jagjaguwar
INFO: Today we’ve got huge news in beautiful music we’ve been hiding from you! We are so, so proud to announce that Brooklyn artist Lia Ices has signed with Jagjaguwar.
More info about Lia Ices and a new, free mp3 after the jump!
True to the ever present dichotomies that serve as a source of inspiration for her, Lia’s emotionally driven and experimental pop music is both avant garde and timeless.
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St Tropez

St Tropez makes bittersweet indie rock from their home studio in Oakland, CA. With a shared love of 60's folk, old school dub, and classic Afrobeat, band members Sanjay Vora, Aki Ehara and Jeremy Fisch formed the band in 2012. The result is nostalgic indie pop injected with a unique sense of rhythm and bathed in dense atmosphere. The band's first single “In Pictures” drops May 12 and will be followed by a full length later this Fall.

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Sophie Villy / Free Exclusive Download from the new album "Dress" (Out 27. May)

Sophie Villy - 23 year old Georgian/Ukrainian singer/songwriter based in Kiev, performs in international language and embodies an ancient Georgian heritage. Her second album "Dress" proves her remarkable promise -  both at home and beyond. Recorded  in an old Georgian film studio with vintage, analogue equipment - "Dress" contains twelve honest tales, all taken from a real-life experience; reflecting a modern reality.
 A knowing, yet romantic spirit enters an uncertain world, crafting a beautiful melancholy en route.
"Dress" is all that surrounds you, something that wears your soul and this feeling opens gradually the new horizons with no barriers and obstacles; it's also well shown on the album artwork.
Sophie Villy’s songs will resonate with today’s dreamer.

Sophie Villy Management

Sophie Villy "Connected" (Free Download)

Buy "Dress" at iTunes

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(Project) Yesterday - The Waiting ( Free full album download )

This album is available for free download at

Les LaBas (Bonobo Remix)


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Modern Rivals

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Belgian Fog

Belgian Fog is the work of LA native Robert Dale, who records, mixes and masters from a home studio in his Seattle residence. Utilizing electronic and lo-fi elements, the music is mixed to evenly blend his pastiche-pop arrangements with a strong vocal presence and create effortlessly addictive and dark music.
Many valid comparisons could be made with the flurry of artists fitting the contemporary zeitgeist of ‘adult-themed lyrics against a downtempo-electronic backdrop,’ but he has stated his strongest conscious influence comes from 60s Flemish chanteur Jacques Brel and his ability to create believable characters that provide insight into a previously darkened subject.

download MP3 for Wait for help

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Auto Body

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