Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mickey Avalon

ARTIST / BAND: Mickey Avalon
SONG (MP3): Jane Fonda
ALBUM: Mickey Avalon
FILE UNDER: Hip Hop / Rap / Punk
LABEL: Shoot to Kill Music, Inc.
INFO: Remember the boy next door that played records all day, and at night kept you up with songs of his own? He left home one day and was never heard from again. He moved to the big city, living in cheap motels, eating dollar hamburgers, working the boulevard with ex-models, thorazine freaks, transvestites, mothers, fathers, drunks, junkies and punk rockers alike. He struggled during many long lonely desperate nights under the dizzying city lights but made a vow that he would never forget the magic in this world the things he loved the most: his first fix, his first girl and most importantly the first time he rocked a mic. Mickey Avalon has done whatever it took to get him to and off Hollywood Blvd. to invite you into his world. And I guess thats what it is, his world.
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