Saturday, October 31, 2009

Air France vs. Saint Etienne – Spring

ARTIST / BAND: Air France vs. Saint Etienne

MP3: Spring

ALBUM: Foxbase Beta EP

FILE UNDER: Poptronica

LABEL: Heavenly Records

INFO: In conjunction with the release of Foxbase Beta (Richard X’s fantastic re-working of Saint Etienne’s legendary 1992 debut Foxbase Alpha), Heavenly Records have also released a limited edition 12″ entitled the Foxbase Beta EP which features an extended mix of ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’. The main event on the EP though is the remix of ‘Spring’ by Gothenburg based production duo and friends of TLOBF: Air France.

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Friday, October 30, 2009


ARTIST / BAND: Fuckpony
MP3: A Pills Medley
ALBUM: Let The Love Flow
FILE UNDER: Pop / Electronic
LABEL: Bpitch Control
INFO: Fuckpony is one of the many musical projects of producer Jay Haze. It's pop, it's house, it's soulful, it's deep, it's nostalgic, it's futuristic. The first wave of Fuckpony material surfaced in affiliation with Get Physical Music, including 2006's widely acclaimed album Children of Love. Since then, Jay has brought Fuckpony to the BPitch stable with the singles "Lady Judy" and "Shocked", and now the sophomore full-length Let the Love Flow, out the 26th of October.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kings of Convenience

ARTIST / BAND: Kings of Convenience

MP3: Boat Behind

ALBUM: Declaration of Dependence


LABEL: Astralwerks

INFO: Bergen, Norway-based indie-pop duo Kings of Convenience teamed singer/guitarist Erik Glambek Bøe and guitarist Erlend Øye. After first earning notice thanks to a series of acclaimed European festival appearances during the summer of 1999, the twosome signed to American label Kindercore to issue their lovely eponymous debut the following spring. Quiet Is the New Loud was issued in early 2001on Astralwerks.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

ARTIST / BAND: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

MP3: Sound

ALBUM: Summer of Fear

FILE UNDER: Folk Rock / Psychedelic / Grunge

LABEL: saddle creek

INFO: Summer of Fear is the culmination of years spent in eight-track studios, cypher-fueled jam sessions, and dicey club dates that often ended in fist fights and broken glass. Not to mention a revolving door of collaborators that helped Robinson work out the kinks in his skewed pop hooks and melancholic melodies, including members of Grizzly Bear.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009



ARTIST / BAND: Liminals

MP3: The Swim

ALBUM: Hearthand

FILE UNDER: Techno Pop

LABEL: friendly noise

INFO: “Music for imaginary dancefloors. Music for walking, swimming or dancing in your sleep. Not so much underground as underwater: a loop in an ocean of sound, the sound of an ocean in a loop.”

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Director: Sebastian Rozenberg

Saturday, October 24, 2009




MP3: Everyday I Work On The Road

ALBUM: A Tale Of Two Devils

FILE UNDER: Indie Rock

LABEL: Goodbusy

INFO: “A Tale of Two Devils” is the second record, and German debut, by Amsterdam based three piece VOICST. It was recorded in New York City by Peter Katis (Interpol, The National) and co-produced by (techno) producer About.  While recording they met Gogol Bordello’s sax player, Beyoncé’s trumpet player and Simon & Garfunkel’s piano player and threw them in the mix. The result is somewhere between Queens Of The Stone Age and Beyoncé. Pop with a rumble, rock with a twist…

Even though VOICST is a new name in Germany they have built quite a track record the past years. Their music has been featured in a Heineken campaign, FIFA World Cup Football game, Google Earth and Popular US TV-series One Tree Hill.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spring Tigers

ARTIST / BAND: Spring Tigers
MP3: Just Suggesting / "New Improved Formula"
ALBUM: Spring Tigers
FILE UNDER: Pop / Electronica / Post punk
LABEL: Bright Antenna
INFO: Just like that, Kris Barratt (lead vocals, guitar and the soapbox) was a man without a home, or so we assume (“I can’t tell you why, but I can’t go back, I’ll be kneecapped”).
We still don’t know why Kris was sent to Athens, GA from the Mother Country, but we’re not complaining. He wasn’t there long before he met a bunch of like-minded transients that share a common love of both kinds of music: Brit and Pop.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Parlour Steps

ARTIST / BAND: Parlour Steps

MP3: "Bleeding Hearts" / "Little Pieces"

ALBUM: The Hidden Names


LABEL: Nine Mile Records

INFO: The keen intelligence, the ambitious ideas, the pride in tackling heady, and cerebral concepts that has characterized the band from Vancouver, British Columbia from the get-go remain intact. But a newfound musical confidence gives a carefree flow to the band’s music, with a vivacious presence and palpable warmth.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boys Noize

ARTIST / BAND: Boys Noize

MP3: Jeffer

ALBUM: Power

FILE UNDER: Electronica / Indie / Techno

LABEL: Boys Noize

INFO: Boys Noize is the moniker of Alexander Ridha, a German electro music producer and DJ. It is also the name of Ridha’s label, Boysnoize records, which he set up in 2005.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009



MP3: "Birthday Song"

ALBUM: Try Brother

FILE UNDER: Freakout folk-pop

LABEL: The Record Machine

INFO: The debut release of Kansas City band Capybara is filled to the brim with jangly synth melodies, light falsetto harmonies, and a syncopated percussive style that perpetually threatens to start a raucous party. Try Brother, self-produced in the Spring of 2009 in the mountains of northern New Mexico, blends earnest eyes-wide-open lyrics with delicate multi-instrumental arrangements. Their style draws on many influences, evoking classical chamber pop, down-home banjo folk rock, and soaring indie riffs in equal measures.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Ruts DC


MP3: Ruts DC - Whatever We Dub (Rob Smith Remix)

ALBUM: Rhythm Collision RE>>LOADED



INFO: When Malcolm Owen he joined his mates of the disbanding pub rock gang Hit & Run in 1977 to form The Ruts, their obvious sound outfit was nasty, pub rock-ish punk. But the current Jamaican sound called reggae was also buried deep in the group's DNA. It was soon to fully unfold when UK reggae band Misty in Roots discovered the angry talent of The Ruts and encouraged them to produce their first single on their own label People Unite.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009


ARTIST / BAND: Supercluster

MP3: "Brave Tree" / "I Got The Answer"

ALBUM: Waves

FILE UNDER: Experimental / Rock / Psychedelic

LABEL: Cloud Recordings

INFO: With a blast of creative energy fueled by an enthusiasm for making music together, a fantastic combination of Athens, Georgia musicians formedSupercluster, the brainchild of Pylon vocalist Vanessa Briscoe Hay and Hannah Jones of The New Sound of Numbers. Spanning the history of Athens music from the early days of the B-52s and R.E.M. to the present, Supercluster is a collaborative effort, featuring the talents of members of Pylon, The Olivia Tremor Control/Circulatory System, Deerhunter, Casper & The Cookies, The New Sound of Numbers/Sound Houses, Instruments/Gnarls Barkley/Lil' Wayne, and Bob Hay & The Jolly Beggars/Squalls.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"Dance With Somebody (The Hood Internet Remix)" [ft. GZA and Cadence Weapon]


MP3: Dance With Somebody


INFO: GZA asked Chicago mashup masters the Hood Internet to put their spin on "Dance With Somebody", a track from Swedish quintet Mando Diao, so that he could lay some original rhymes on top. They transform the soulful new wave of the original track into an ethereal but still funky ghost-rap jam, and Cadence Weapon swings by to drop a few. The remix gets a digital release in the UK on October 26 via Island.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Proud Simon

ARTIST / BAND: Proud Simon

MP3: Rock Unturned

ALBUM: Anchors Aweigh

FILE UNDER: Indie / Americana / Folk

LABEL: Grape Juice Records

INFO: Anchors Aweigh is an ode to letting-go, fragments of an American journey pieced together as the postscript to a letter. Songwriters Brian Keenan and Adrian Morgan document a year of heartbreak and goodbyes set to the backdrop of a CSNY jangle.
In Proud Simon‘s 7-year voyage, they’ve explored everything from haunting banjo lullabies to bombastic orchestral pop. For Anchors Aweigh, the band sought the wisdom of Jamie Candiloro, producer behind the definitive sound of Ryan Adams and R.E.M. to give the record a toughness and clarity of pure Americana. He focused the verbose and sprawling poems into a clear, consistent wall of sound, a platform for the intricacies of the stories to dive from.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Modern Skirts

ARTIST / BAND: Modern Skirts

SONG (MP3):"Like Lunatics" "Soft Pedals"

ALBUM: All Of Us In Our Night

FILE UNDER: Alternative / Indie / Pop

LABEL: Unsigned

INFO: Ordinary music tends to get classified by genre. Some of this stuff is quite exciting, really. It does what you expect it to, but it follows the formula well enough that its derivative nature doesn't matter. We call it indie, or pop, or modern rock, and we recommend it to listeners who enjoy those styles. But every now and then, a band reminds us that when the songs are good enough, and innovative enough, genre is the last thing that matters. You don't need to be a music major to recognize that the twelve tracks on Modern Skirts' sophomore album, All Of Us In Our Night, are unusually constructed. They have unexpected twists and turns, chords that startle with their novelty, and melodies that feel refreshingly original. And you don't need to be an aficionado to get excited by such infectious choruses – they'll get stuck in the heads of neophyte listeners and super-hipsters alike. So call it "pop", call it "rock", call it "indie", call it "classic" if you must. Better yet, call it what it is- a collection of fantastic, irresistible, entirely unclassifiable songs. read more from the source...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vampire Weekend

ARTIST / BAND: Vampire Weekend

MP3: Horchata

ALBUM: Contra

FILE UNDER: College Rock

LABEL: XL Recordings

INFO: Vampire Weekend have 'released' the first song off their forthcoming "sophomore" record (come on! It's college rock!)Contra, which had a ridiculous, confusing, but actually quite aesthetically pleasing viral campaign last month. It nearly fooled us all into thinking that it may have been something it wasn't, for example, a campaign for clothing.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shuttle / Phoenix

ARTIST / BAND: Shuttle  / Phoenix

MP3: Love Like A Sunset – Shuttle Remix

ALBUM: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix


INFO: Our good friend Shuttle sent us this fantastic remix of “Love Like A Sunset” and we’d like to share it with all of you. As well as releasing records as shuttle, he also plays drums in Passion Pit as “Nate”! His new album will be out later this year.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Me And My Monkey


ARTIST / BAND: Me And My Monkey

ALBUM: EP (Special  for ME magazine) (Download EP)

FILE UNDER: Indie / Electro/ Pop

INFO: Their debut single “It’s Coming back” was released in 2008. The band had many live performances in hometown and played in number of local and European festivals such as CRF, VAV, Rockwiese, Altstat etc. After releasing their second single entitled “Feel Me Inside” MAMM started to work at their debut album “Starfucker” to be released soon.

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Thursday, October 08, 2009



ARTIST / BAND: Kreidler

MP3: Mosaic

ALBUM: Mosaik 2014

FILE UNDER: Electronica

LABEL: Italic

INFO: Mosaik 2014 - that’s how it is meant to sound. Arrangements that feel right, without me being able to map them out because all of the lines are woven together so intricately, and because the album was recorded mainly in a week of live sessions. Above all, this record has more. More rhythm, drums, percussion. More keyboards, better yet synthesizers that are immediate and cannot be turned away, sounds that demand something and yet retain great mystery. More off-kilter loops and more electrical storms. But it is all there to serve the same purpose: to make this the best Kreidler album of all Kreidler albums. There is a directness, and things come to the point while still leaving enough free space. There is longing, solace, fulfillment. In other words, big emotions.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009



MP3: “Phantom Don’t Go” / "You Cried Me" 

ALBUM: Dead Zone Boys

FILE UNDER: Drum & Bass / Punk / Acousmatic / Tape music

LABEL: Asthmatic Kitty/Joyful Noise

INFO: Dead Zone Boys, the third album from Jookabox(Indianapolis-born David “Moose” Adamson and Co.), is love story meets psychedelic zombie-musical. The zombie part came easy: Moose grew up on the east side of Indianapolis in the 90s, an area plauged by constant recession, pandemic homicide, and racial tension.

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Monday, October 05, 2009


ARTIST / BAND: Downpilot

MP3:  Flicker

ALBUM: They kind of shine

FILE UNDER: pop, folk, indie

LABEL: tapete records

INFO: Downpilot’s Paul Hiraga is not one to be pinned down. Having grown up with a jazz and classical background, toured in his 20s with post-punk Midwestern cult heroes Breaking Circus, and turned heads with the Big Star-esque power-pop of his band the Mings, his transmissions under the name Downpilot have been no less compelling or varied.

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Lower 48

ARTIST / BAND: The Lower 48

MP3: Transmissions Part 1

ALBUM: Everywhere To Go

FILE UNDER: Folk / Indie

LABEL: Grape Juice Records

INFO: The Lower 48 are a new band comprised of an eclectic blend of classically trained musicians, singer-songwriters and a smoky-voiced female vocalist. Their debut EP, Everywhere To Go is a five-song EP recorded and produced by Chad Weis of The Devil’s Workshop Studio (known best for his work with Mason Jennings, The Bad Plus, and Haley Bonar) in Minneapolis. It is an ambitious and mature debut release for the band’s young musicians, all of whom are under 20.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Knocks


ARTIST / BAND: The Knocks

MP3: The Love You Save (The Knocks Remix)

FILE UNDER: Remixing

LABEL: heavy roc music

INFO: Based out of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Knocks are emerging as a force to be reckoned with as far as music production is concerned. Consisting of Ben "DJ B-Roc" Ruttner and James "JPatt" Patterson, the Knocks are named in reference to the early days of their production career when they worked out of their home studios.

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Friday, October 02, 2009



MP3:  "Technicolor" / "Caterpillar Playground"

ALBUM: Apple's Acre


LABEL: dead oceans

INFO: To immerse yourself in Nurses' Apple's Acre is to delight in a certain mental unraveling. These are songs where the vulnerability of pop with its heart on its sleeve engages in a double-dutch jumprope match with the euphoric surrender-to-the-weird that is essential to psychedelia. And Nurses is a band that scavenges beauty and wonder, uncovering Technicolor where others see somber hues. Their off-kilter psych-pop is driven by ever-swelling vocal harmonies, adventurous electronics, some serious wheelin' and dealin' on the Rhodes piano, and the kind of new-primitivist percussion that may or may not involve a standard drum kit.

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Sweet Serenades

ARTIST / BAND: The Sweet Serenades

MP3: On my way

ALBUM: Balcony Cigarettes

FILE UNDER: Rock / Powerpop / Indie

LABEL: Leon Records

INFO: Martin and Mathias found each other for the first time in May 1991. They were both wearing the same CCCP-cap (a hip thing among pre teens in northern Sweden at the time) and riding similar BMX-bicycles. Ever since then they’ve been inseparable.

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