Monday, May 30, 2011

Okinawa Lifestyle / Underwater EP



Sunday, May 29, 2011



SONG (MP3): Am I still too late /  Everything Must Spin
ALBUM: Who's Breathing?
FILE UNDER: Folk / Lounge / Psychedelic
LABEL: Fire Records
INFO:Ryan Driver is this unstoppable, quietly torrential flow of music, that has been coming out of Toronto, Ontario for a number of years now. He’s been a key member of a number of the most interesting ensembles in the city. He’s worked with Sandro Perri , Eric Chenaux and Jennifer Castle and he has his own mutant jazz standards group, The Ryan Driver Quartet. He plays guitar and sings, but while he’s recognised as an accomplished improviser he has also just made the greatest soul record of the decade read more from the source...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Baby

ARTIST / BAND: Baby Baby
SONG (MP3):  "Kidz" / "Breakin"
ALBUM: Money
FILE UNDER: fun rock
LABEL:The Gospel of Rhythm 
INFO:"At first glance, the motley crew of Fontez Brooks (Vocals, Guitar), Kyle Dobbs (Bass), and Grant Wallace (Drums), along with newcomer Colin Boddy (Percussion) do not seem like serious musicians. It might be the fact that they are constantly shirtless, wearing only fluorescent colored short-shorts. Maybe it's the tribal face paint that they sport at shows. Or it could be that they named their last album something as nonsensical as Wabadabadaba. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain, Baby Baby is very serious - about having fun.  read more from the source...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Las Kellies

ARTIST / BAND: Las Kellies
SONG (MP3): "Perro Rompebolas"
ALBUM: Kellies
FILE UNDER: punk, indie
LABEL: Fire Records
INFO:There’s only thing you can bank on when you’re confronted with Las Kellies: to expect the unexpected. From the raw rock & roll of their 2007 debut Shaking Dog – described by the great Everett True as “entirely ace” – to the Devo and ESG influenced sound of 2009’s follow-up Kalimera, this Argentinian three-piece have carved out a reputation for ripping up the form-book, delving into their box of magic tricks and serving up something entirely different. And so it is again on their third album Kellies: whether it’s embracing what they term as their “new sound” of groove-laden and irresistibly catchy post-punk or recruiting reggae legend Dennis Bovell to help in the studio, it’s the sound of a band who always keep things fresh.  Kellies will be released in the United States on July 5th. read more from the source...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fan Modine


ARTIST / BAND: Fan Modine

MP3: "Through The Valley"  / "Julu Road"

ALBUM: Gratitude for the Shipper

FILE UNDER: indie pop

LABEL: Daniel 13 Press

INFO: Since the release of Slow Road to Tiny Empire, Fan Modine’s first album, in 1998, Gordon Zacharias has been known as an artist who mixes buoyant orchestral pop music with oftentimes more gloomy lyrics. This disconcerting combination has won him a cult following among fans of obscure rock bands, and of indie-pop artists in particular. With Gratitude for the Shipper, Fan Modine’s first album in six years, his music adds dimensions both lyrically and sonically, drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as French symbolist poet Stephane Mallarmé and Southern pop trailblazer Alex Chilton. “Waiting for Distant Light,” the album’s finale, is a tribute to the recently-deceased songwriter, singer and guitarist.

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Monday, May 23, 2011


Qluster – Haste Töne


Qluster - Haste Töne by Tapete Records

VIDEO "Live preview":

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Thursday, May 19, 2011


ARTIST / BAND: Thundercat
SONG (MP3): For Love I Come
Wed. May 18th, 2011ALBUM: Golden Age of Apocalypse
LABEL:  Brainfeeder
INFO:In between playing gigs with the Suicidal Tendencies and jamming with jazz groups, Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner spent a lot of time working with Flying Lotus. The bassist/singer appeared on "MmmHmm" off the producer's Cosmogramma and they joined forces to form the Infinity band, which played BBC Radio 1 in December 2010. And on the low, they were also putting together Thundercat's debut on Brainfeeder. The progressive galactic-jazz project, The Golden Age of Apocalypse, is entirely produced by FlyLo and features guest vocalists such as Erykah Badu. read more from the source...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shit Robot

ARTIST / BAND: Shit Robot
SONGs (MP3):
 “Losing My Patience”  / "Tuff Enuff" / I Found Love (TBD Remix)

FILE UNDER: Electro pop / Techno / Electronica
INFO: Working as a DJ in New York in 2000 he befriended James Murphy later of LCD Soundsystem and started a DJ partnership with him.[2]Lambkin moved to rural Germany in 2004 and started producing his own music, with a number of releases on DFA Records from 2006.[2] He released his debut album From the Cradle to the Rave in September 2010 to positive reviews from[3] and NME[4] The album features contributions from Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip and James Murphy amongst others.[2]    read more from the source...

Monday, May 09, 2011


FILE UNDER: math rock, experimental
LABEL: Sargent House
INFO: As high school students Spencer Seim and Zach Hill were both members of the NorCal band Legs on Earth along with Josh Hill on guitar and Julian Imsdahl on bass and vocals. The band achieved some moderate local success, becoming renowned for their wild live shows, young age, and Primus-esque sound. The band sounded similar to Primus, especially the vocals and bass but Zach Hill described it in an interview as "Devo, Talking Heads kind of thing".[1]
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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thursday, May 05, 2011



ARTIST / BAND: Ganglians

MP3: "Jungle"

Ganglians - Jungle by souterraintransmissions

ALBUM: Still Living

FILE UNDER: Post punk

LABEL: Lefse

INFO: Onetime mysterious, psychedelic Sacramento outsiders Ganglians stepped out of the shadows with a couple Woodsist albums in 2009. Then, last May, we heard an early version of “My House,” a song from their then in-progress Robby Moncrieff-produced double LP Still Living. The completed album’s due in August. Here’s another taste via “Jungle.”

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011



ARTIST / BAND: Seapony

MP3: Blue Star / Dreaming

ALBUM: Go With Me

FILE UNDER: dream pop, indie

LABEL: Hardly Art


The music of Seapony is refreshing in its simplicity. Most songs on Go With Meuse no more than three chords, with an average running time around two-and-a-half minutes. In lieu of a human drummer, the Seattle trio entrusts time-keeping to a vintage gizmo the size of a desktop calculator. The lyrics to "Dreaming," the track that catapulted them into the spotlight, are just six lines long. Like Young Marble Giants and Beat Happening before them, this young three-piece has generated excitement that belies their music's modest means. And their back story is just as no-nonsense

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Art Brut

Art Brut

Art Brut - Lost Weekend by One Thirty BPM


Brilliant! Tragic! is the fourth studio album by Art Brut, to be released on May 23, 2011. The first single from the album will be "Lost Weekend". The album was recorded in Salem, Oregon and is the second to be produced by Frank Black, best known as the frontman of Pixies.

The tracklisting and release details were confirmed in early March 2011.[1]

Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos has already described "Brilliant! Tragic!" as his "favourite" Art Brut album, saying that it was definitely their "greatest" album so far. [2] "Bang Bang Rock & Roll did what it said on the tin", Argos explained, "It's A Bit Complicated was a bit complicated. On Art Brut vs. Satan we had to fight Satan. This one follows the same pattern, it is a 'brilliant, tragic', record. If it was a TV show you'd define it as a dramedy." [3]