Friday, August 25, 2006

Paul Brill

ARTIST / BAND: Paul Brill
SONG (MP3): Paris Is On
ALBUM: Harpooner
FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop
LABEL: scarlet shame records
INFO: NYC Native Paul Brill first chipped his musical teeth on the icy landscape of North-Central Vermont, wood-shedding and 4-tracking while holed-up in a bleak, rustic cabin. After a few light-deprived winters, Paul sold his belongings and fled for sunny western shores, dabbling in brief stints as and herbal smokes salesman, street performer, valet, corporate errand boy, and marine biology instructor before finding sure footing in the sand. It was during this time that Brill began pursuing music in earnest - writing inspired new material at a feverish clip, recording in ramshackle studios, and performing extensively across the US. Paul was soon lured home to NYC, his songwriting similarly taking striking new turns, fusing disparate acoustic and electronic elements into a hybrid Pop collage. In addition to writing and recording songs for his own albums,
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