Sunday, July 31, 2011



MP3: "Like A Coat" / "Moonshine"/ "Mr Greene"

ALBUM: Rise On Up And Melt

FILE UNDER: Folk Rock / Indie / Psychedelic

LABEL: Slo Pro

INFO:On June 28th, 2011 Athens, GA’s Efren will release its first full length, full band album, Rise On Up And Melt. The recording was a personal and hands on experiment and was recorded and produced by the band in their respective homes. Efren began as Scott Low, who wrote and recorded the debut album Thunder and Moan in the spring of 2009. Low reached out to friends to perform these songs and the gates of new tracks opened. Playing almost 100 shows in the first year and recording and releasing a full band EP Always Been a Bleeder, the band took the songs to stages across the southeast.

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Friday, July 29, 2011


ARTIST / BAND: Astronautalis

MP3: Dimitri Mendeleev

ALBUM: This Is Our Science


LABEL: Fake Four Inc.

INFO: Once you find out that Astronautalis was born to a Texas train man with a nose crooked from bar fights and a pretty Kentucky girl who ran away from home at 17 to become a photographer, it becomes clear that he didn’t stumble into the life of a drifter, he was born into it.  With a poet uncle who lived off horse betting and hitchhiking, grandfathers who were spies, sailors, and test pilots, and over 500,000 miles of touring under his own belt, you have to wonder where the tales in Astronautalis’ music end and the life of Andy Bothwell begins.  Currently settled (for now) in Minneapolis, by way of Seattle, by way of Dallas, by way of Jacksonville Beach, FL; Bothwell has spent almost every waking moment of the last 7 years on the road, playing shows, earning scars, collecting/giving tattoos, grinding out a cult like fan base, and living up to his proud, storied, and whiskey soaked blood line.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Endless Days

Tuesday, July 26, 2011