Tuesday, December 24, 2013

ELECTRONAUTS 2013 / The Nominees & The Winners

The history of “Electronauts” goes back to 2005, when well-known Georgian producer and anchor, Sergi Gvarjaladze, filmed 52 minute documentary on contemporary Georgian artists where he showcased the anomaly of how new generation of Georgian electronic artists emerged during the electricity crisis of 1990-ies. The film greatly resonated with local society and especially with growing list of digital artists.  The annual “Electronauts” awards was launched in 2007 that awarded Georgian artists in 9 different categories, for the content created during previous 12 months.
Six “Electronauts” awards have taken place since. Awards have stimulated many young artists to be more creative and productive: while there were only 15 participants for the first “Electronauts”, 2013 this figure has grown to 75. Every year new categories have been added and since 2010 awards has an international jury. “Electronauts” has been working closely with all major TV channels and has attracted over 20 different partners and sponsors. To expand the exposure of local artists and the impact of our activities to a wider public and beyond annual awards, the Foundation “Electronauts” was formed in 2011. The mission of the foundation is to cultivate the understanding and appreciation of modern forms of electronic arts while exploring its creative and cultural potential. The Foundation accomplishes this mission through programs and activities that engage local artists and cultural community, as well as the general public. The Foundation works year-round and in addition to annual awards, manages educational and media initiatives, conducts workshops, take part in festivals and collaborate with other organizations to achieve common goals.  

Electronauts 2013 - the 6th annual award ceremony for innovative pop culture was held December 21 in the Eventhall (Tbilisi, Georgia).

This year's nominees and winners are:

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