Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nik Freitas

ARTIST / BAND: Nik Freitas

SONG (MP3): All the Way Down

ALBUM: Sun Down

FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop / Other

LABEL: team love

INFO: You could tell he wasn’t a hyphenate. Not a waiter-guitarist-painter, web designer-sommelier-racecar driver, lifeguard-director-pilates instructor, or one of the countless other combinations you meet on a normal day in Los Angeles. Nik was just a musician-musician, who hung TVs for entitled meanies on the West Side when the rent demanded immediate action.
Nik was putting together a studio in the back shed. Now, when a neighbor tells you this, this news can either be very good or very bad. In my experience, there’s not really a lot of middle ground. Would I "mind the noise?" Of course, you always say "of course not," but you’re grinding your teeth on the inside.

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