Thursday, June 19, 2008

Taylor Hollingsworth

ARTIST / BAND: Taylor Hollingsworth

SONG (MP3): Damn Boy (What's Wrong With You)

ALBUM: CD Master

FILE UNDER: Country / Zouk / Black Metal

LABEL: Mass Music, Brash, Skybucket

INFO: It's been happening for decades. Some guitar-slinging kid emerges out of the South with a blues rock soul sound that is more born out of the South than out of the kid. The family tree for this has branches that reach from Macon to Memphis, and Taylor Hollingsworth makes sure that the Birmingham thumbtack is on the map. Taylor is just another skinny punk-attitude kid drinking next to you at the bar, until he straps on a guitar, takes the stage, and rivets your attention with equal arsenal songwriting and hot guitar licks. Your music memory tells you that you've seen this before, but it is also not quite like anything you know. It's just the latest progeny from a long line of guitar-driven deep South rock & roll DNA. You won't forget Taylor Hollingsworth.

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