Tuesday, July 11, 2006


ALBUM: American Weekend
FILE UNDER: Indie / Rock / Rock
LABEL: yesman records
INFO: With eye opening contributions from Cheap Trick's bassist Tom Petersson and North Carolina's songstress Danielle Howle, Stella (U.S.)'s second full length "american weekend" shimmers with powerful songs and confessional vocal performances. Expanding from the guitar-rich sound of their first album, Stella displays more ambient six string treatments here, especially in conjuring lush, night drowned ballads reminiscent of Big Star's timeless "Third/Sister Lovers" lp. From the introspective, folk sounds of Nick Drake to the machine rock intensity of Swervedriver or Unwound, American Weekend breaks new ground in the emotional timbre of singer Curt Perkin's impressive vocal range. Perkins navigates the shifting stylistic waters of these compositions with enviable finesses. From the twilight mood of "Sunday" to the full-on blaze of "Summertime", Perkins delivers first rate vocal performances throughout this album of alternately muscular and delicately nuanced compositions.
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