Tuesday, July 11, 2006


ALBUM: Carnavas
FILE UNDER: Indie / Rock
LABEL: dangerbird records
INFO: hello... welcome to our myspace profile. thank you for giving us a glimpse. it's only fair because we like to glimpse you. we are a band. we are from los angeles. we have enjoyed performing for you. {THIS IS THE PART WHERE WE PLUG SOME OF OUR FRIENDS' GREAT BANDS} we are a proud part of THE SHIP COLLECTIVE (www.the-ship.com), which includes EARLIMART, IRVING, PINE MARTEN, FIVER, LET'S GO SAILING, PANTY LIONS, SEA WOLF, GREAT NORTHERN, and more... {THIS IS THE PART WHERE WE ARE REQUIRED TO NAME DROP} we have shared a bill or two... we have: danced in the aisles with the RADAR BROTHERS, mowed lawns with THE MOVIES, blown glass with DIOS (MALOS), picked lint with MACHA, put pennies on railroads with RILO KILEY, given birth with the HELIO SEQUENCE, gotten triple word scores with ELLIOTT SMITH, constructed a small cabin with GRANDADDY, spackled holes with NINA NASTASIA, slept on the dirt with the DEVICS, eaten sweets with KAITO, flicked switches with ELECTRELANE, given up with DNTEL, held hands with LOU BARLOW, spilled expensive drinks with ALASKA!, gotten muscle fatigue with AUTOLUX, gotten our palms read with the MIDNIGHT MOVIES, tucked you in with the SECRET MACHINES, found you out with KENNEDY, enforced uncertain laws with 400 BLOWS, kept it clean with LILY & THE LADIES, lit unfortunate fires with the JEALOUS SOUND.... and on and on. {GLAD THAT PART IS DONE. NOW HERE WE PLUG OUR NEW EP} we have a new ep. it is called "PIKUL". it is pronounced 'pie-kull'. if you prefer pickle, that's fine with us. it is currently in stores as well as itunes. {HERE'S WHERE WE PLUG OUR WONDERFUL RECORD LABEL} this is all courtesy of dangerbird records (www.dangerbirdrecords.com). they are keepers. {AND FINALLY WE WIND IT ALL DOWN) we love new faces. we would love for you to join our little "friends" list. if you're too shy, we understand. we are too. if you'd like to be on our email list, tell us at silversunpickups@yahoo.com. for more info, go to silversunpickups.com. enough about us. how are you? brinikxisjoe...tan
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