Friday, March 03, 2006

The Submarines

Artist / Band: the Submarines
Song (MP3): Clouds
Album: Declare a new state
File Under: Alternative / Indie
Info: The Submarines formed in Los Angeles after getting their start in the Boston scene performing amongst friends in Morphine, Pixies, Helium, Belly and Lemonheads. After much individual success and years of playing on each other's records, Blake Hazard and John Dragonetti forged a romantic relationship which lasted for 4 years. A breakup on the eve of election night 2004 led to a period of sadness but one which grew into productive songwriting. After some time apart, Blake and John reunited and realized the songs they wrote separately each dealt with their breakup in a similar fashion. From those songs was born a musical duo and an album in the pure, nostalgic sense, one with a single, unifying theme: a stronger relationship emerging from fears, discontent and (eventually) longing. "Declare a New State" is about the unexpected wonder of a second more from the source...

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