Friday, March 03, 2006

Witch's Hat

Artist / Band: Witch's Hat
Song (MP3): Glodyany, 1972
Album: Mastery Of The Steel
File Under: Rock / Indie / Powerpop
Label: Emergency Umbrella
Info: In an era of creative stagnation in rock, Witch’s Hat is a beacon of hope; the 21st century’s solution to monotony. Combining innovative sounds and exploratory lyrics set to driving rock rhythms, this Columbia, MO quartet exploded onto the regional scene in 2004, earning both the respect of audiences and fellow musicians alike. Frontman Greg Linde blends inventive lyrics with a storyteller’s charisma, delivering daring melodies in his resonant, ranged voice. Bassist and lead songwriter Steve Doerhoff is a natural musician who not only possesses raw talent, but also the necessary passion for his endeavor. Lead guitar is handled by Mike Wilson, a devoted rock fan whose skills and tone are at the crux of Witch’s Hat sound. Drums are provided by Bert, with an unmatched intensity and an inexhaustible energy supply. Fusing and appreciation of dark pop, 80’s nostalgia, and the ironic, Witch’s Hat is a committed, disciplined act looking to expand their horizons throughout more from the source...

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