Friday, March 03, 2006

Low Skies

Artist / Band: Low Skies
Song (MP3): Levelling
Album: All the Love I Could Find
File Under: Indie / Shoegaze / Soul
Label: FlameShovel
Info: Low Skies' inception - a merging of young lives from varying middle-American locales - shines through vibrantly in their craft. Formed in 2000 in the calloused expanses of Chicago, the quintet's rooting stretches from the dusty voids of rural West Texas, through the rustic bounty of the heartland and on to the frost-tarnished streets of Minneapolis. Spearheaded by vocalist/guitarist Chris Salveter and drummer Jason Creps, Low Skies self-released their first EP prior to finding a home with Flameshovel Records. The debut full-length, "The Bed," was released in 2002, finding praise locally and nationally. Shortly thereafter, on the cusp of a support tour the band finalized their lineup and expanded their sound with the addition of experimental button pusher Luther Rochester and brothers Jacob and Brandon Ross on guitars and bass, respectively.
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