Thursday, November 10, 2011

Other Lives

ARTIST / BAND: Other Lives

MP3s: For 12 / Tamer Animals / Song Song

ALBUM: Tamer Animals

FILE UNDER: Folk, Folk-Rock, Indie Pop

LABEL: TBD Records

INFO: There’s no track this writer’s thrashed more this year than Other Lives’ single For 12. It’s suspenseful, dreamy and awestruck in equal measures, combining undulating strings (possibly Mellotron), lightly galloping Morricone rhythms, subtle shades of piano and acoustic guitar and vocals that run the gauntlet from sighing to falsetto. Imagine an eagle’s eye view over an unbroken stretch of Brokeback Mountain prairie. Or imagine Fleet Foxes influenced by Radiohead’s Pyramid Song. And if For 12 is the absolute jewel here, the rest isn’t far behind.

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