Friday, November 11, 2011


ARTIST / BAND: Doldrums

MP3: "I'm Homesick Sittin' Up Here In My Satellite"

ALBUM: Empire Sound

FILE UNDER: electronic, experimental, pop

LABEL: No Pain In Pop

INFO: Doldrums is a musical venture produced by Canadian artist Eric Woodhead. As a part of a larger community reacting to overhype, the plasticity of modern youth culture and it's ultimately alienating nature, his music deals with the loss of the individual in an increasingly altruistic society. Doldrums' music reflects this societal change on a personal level, as a member of the last generation to remember life pre-internet and 24 hour status updates. His androgynous voice comes across mid-panic attack, floating in a sea of chopped up samples, disembodied vocals and tribal percussion. Spearing between electro-hallucinogenic freak outs and languid nostalgia, his tracks somehow manage to elevate classic pop melodies above a sample saturated sound collage.

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Grimes - Crystal Ball (Doldrums remix) from ///NO PAIN IN POP\\\ on Vimeo.

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