Sunday, June 26, 2011


ARTIST / BAND: Witches
SONGs (MP3):  "Count to Ten" /  "Black Dog" /"Creature of Nature"
ALBUM: Forever 
FILE UNDER: Indie, rock
LABEL: Bakery Outlet Records
INFO:Punk by allegiance and attitude, pop by virtue of their wistful melodicism, Witches are a band borne of singularly American originality. Cara Beth Satalino is a New York-born chanteuse with a rougher than typical edge. Michael Clancy, a fellow Yankee, is a self-taught drummer of natural ability and feel. Jared Gandy, veteran of Athens groups with both DIY punk and Elephant Six Collective pedigree alike, rounds out the band's lineup on bass guitar. The band takes touches of the Breeders' feminine boldness, Des Ark's brusque emotional stance, and the wide-open, true rock n' roll worldliness of Midwestern punk idols the Replacements. read more from the source...

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