Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dope Body

ARTIST / BAND: Dope Body

MP3: "The Shape of Grunge to Come"


FILE UNDER: Noise punk, Indie, Ska, Funk

LABEL: Hoss Records

INFO: Since forming in 2009, Baltimore native sons Dope Body have evolved on a truly logarithmic scale. Moving from stark, primitve punk-metal to genre-swallowing, unabashedly-90's-referencing, poly-rhythmic brutes in less than two years, the band has created a bizarre new standard for the mutant art-punk-beaster set.
Nupping, their debut full-length, manages to recall the best of the heavier, more obtuse and rhythmically inventive elements of punk rock from the past thirty years, as well as the kind of formative-influence-stuff alot of current artsy, heavy bands don't wanna acknowledge: Rage, Wu-Tang, nu-metal, Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys, and contemporary pop radio.

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