Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Caribbean

ARTIST / BAND: The Caribbean

MP3: Mr. Let's Find Out / Outskirts

ALBUM: Discontinued Perfume


LABEL: Hometapes

INFO: Quite possibly the best demo we will ever receive came in the mail from our nation's capital thanks to The Caribbean. Originally in D.C. area bands Townies and Smart Went Crazy, the boys followed up their astounding album on Tomlab and Endearing (History's First Know-It-All) by coming to Hometapes and recording the William of Orange EP with studio collaborator Chad Clark (Beauty Pill / Silver Sonya Studios). After a few brief tours on America's coasts they have returned with Plastic Explosives, again recorded with Chad Clark and at their own home studio. They consistently amaze us with their musical knowledge, witty charm, epic email threads, and skill at navigating the murky waters where pop and not-pop collide. They make lovely house guests and would love to play your local venue at the nearest convenience.

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