Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mathew Sawyer And The Ghosts

ARTIST / BAND: Mathew Sawyer And The Ghosts

MP3: "Myna Birds Call"

ALBUM: How Snakes Eat

FILE UNDER: Indie, Pop

LABEL: Fire Records

INFO: If you were to make maps of the human voice, Mathew Sawyer is someone you'd balk at starting with. A vocal cartographer would have an easier ride with an X-Factor pop vocalist. The resultant sketch would be of somewhere abstract, featureless and dull. A moneybound R&B diva might lead to an Ordinance Survey Map of a smooth and well functioning future city with symmetrical civic parks and equidistant train stations. The growl of a death metal bellower would reveal itself in a landscape of Tolkienesque volcanoes, castles and dragons lairs.

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