Friday, September 24, 2010

Solar Temple Suicides

ARTIST / BAND: Solar Temple Suicides

SONG (MP3): "A Rough Road Leads To The Stars"

ALBUM: Sentinels of the Heliosphere

FILE UNDER:  Shoegaze / Psychedelic / Rock

LABEL: Sleepy Records

INFO: Since their formation, Solar Temple Suicides have slowly been perfecting their own brand of drugged out, spacey haze. They preach long and tall effects-laiden, psychedelic lessons culled from ancient Yajurvedas of transformation and trial by fire, thrust from the sun to the outer edges of the universe. Their unabashed space rock tendencies and hallucinatory walls of sound drive their high volume live shows. Not fitting neatly into any extant mold, Solar Temple Suicides gather their influences together to form their own nebula.

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