Monday, September 27, 2010



ARTIST / BAND: Grandchildren

SONG (MP3): “Saturn Returns”

ALBUM: Everlasting

FILE UNDER:  Electroacoustic / Roots Music / Pop

LABEL: Green Owl

INFO: In Grandchildren, every memory is a montage of sound. The beat-driven, orchestral-pop epics on Grandchildren’s forthcoming album Everlasting play like an audio scrapbook of nostalgia and pop-culture inspired by memories from the songwriter’s life. Sentimental harmonies and globally sourced rhythms weave through every track, reflecting a history that is both chaotic and serene, but ultimately uplifting. These energies manifest in Grandchildren’s “larger-than-life” live performances, the six multi-instrumentalists swapping instruments in what reviewers have called “a choreographed musical chairs.

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