Friday, June 04, 2010


ARTIST / BAND: Cosmetics

MP3s: Black Leather Gloves

ALBUM: Soft Skin / Black Leather Gloves

FILE UNDER: Minimalist / Disco House

LABEL:captured tracks

INFO: Cosmetics are a two piece from Vancouver, BC. Their music is made for dancing, and with feeling and attention to the details. Their trip is sleek and synthetic meets human emotion. Cosmic glamour meets do-it-yourself. Voice and a rhythm. Frosty tropics and hazy nites. Love on the beat. Nic M and Aja Emma formed Cosmetics in Summer 2008, the first band for both of them. In 2009 they put together the Tuff Trax 8-track studio in their home where they work on sound and visuals every day. Cosmetics is their lifestyle.

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