Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Club 8

SONG (MP3): "Shape up!"
ALBUM: The People's Record
FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop / Electronica
LABEL: labrador
"The duo have expanded their sonic melodic pallet with traces of
Afro-pop, boss nova, and South American jazz. The result is a warmly
inviting album that's as sweet as it is cleverly composed" 8/10

"The People’s Record ultimately feels personal and focused on the
public. It’s party music centered upon the fact that we’re all going
to die " 8/10 POPMATTERS

"Club 8 have never sounded deeper, darker, or funkier." PITCHFORK

"The People's Record" is the Club 8's first an outside producer.
Their initial idea was to move to Brazil for a couple of months and
record the album there with a local producer. But after having read
an interview with Jari Haapalainen (Camera Obscura, The Concretes,
Ed Harcourt) where he talked about his love for rythmns from Western
Africa and the Middle East the choice fell on him. The result is a
captivating mix of bittersweet lyrics about death, life affirming
Afro-beats and Swedish pop melancholia.

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