Saturday, January 16, 2010

Elaine Lachica

ARTIST / BAND: Elaine Lachica

MP3: "Bewilder"

ALBUM: I Think I Can See The Ocean

FILE UNDER: Indie / Alternative / Experimental

LABEL: Stunning Models On Display

INFO: I Think I Can See the Ocean is Elaine Lachica‘s first label release on Stunning Models on Display. The album was produced and recorded by Kieran Kelly (Angus and Julia Stone, Will Stratton, The Receiver) at the Buddy Project in New York (where Sufjan Stevens recorded Illinois). Introducing the album is “Behind My Mind,” featuring what Patrick Dalton of The Mercurial Press calls a “bright, unassuming little left-handed piano riff reminiscent of Sufjan Steven’s deceptively simple style.” Contributing musicians on the album include drummer Mark Stepro (Ben Kweller), bassist Rob Calder (Ari Hest), guitarist Aaron Lee Tasjan (New York Dolls), string quartet led by violinist Rob Moose (Sufjan Stevens, Antony and the Johnsons) and brass section led by trumpeter Jon Mizrachi (Essie Jain).

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