Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spring Tigers

ARTIST / BAND: Spring Tigers
MP3: Just Suggesting / "New Improved Formula"
ALBUM: Spring Tigers
FILE UNDER: Pop / Electronica / Post punk
LABEL: Bright Antenna
INFO: Just like that, Kris Barratt (lead vocals, guitar and the soapbox) was a man without a home, or so we assume (“I can’t tell you why, but I can’t go back, I’ll be kneecapped”).
We still don’t know why Kris was sent to Athens, GA from the Mother Country, but we’re not complaining. He wasn’t there long before he met a bunch of like-minded transients that share a common love of both kinds of music: Brit and Pop.
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1 comment:

Nicole said...

"Everyone's someone in Snellville." Ha! I love that light! As a former resident Gwinnett Co. I can appreciate the reference :)