Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Proud Simon

ARTIST / BAND: Proud Simon

MP3: Rock Unturned

ALBUM: Anchors Aweigh

FILE UNDER: Indie / Americana / Folk

LABEL: Grape Juice Records

INFO: Anchors Aweigh is an ode to letting-go, fragments of an American journey pieced together as the postscript to a letter. Songwriters Brian Keenan and Adrian Morgan document a year of heartbreak and goodbyes set to the backdrop of a CSNY jangle.
In Proud Simon‘s 7-year voyage, they’ve explored everything from haunting banjo lullabies to bombastic orchestral pop. For Anchors Aweigh, the band sought the wisdom of Jamie Candiloro, producer behind the definitive sound of Ryan Adams and R.E.M. to give the record a toughness and clarity of pure Americana. He focused the verbose and sprawling poems into a clear, consistent wall of sound, a platform for the intricacies of the stories to dive from.

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