Thursday, February 28, 2008

O! The Joy


SONG (MP3): This Fault Is Not Mine

ALBUM: Zen Mode

FILE UNDER: Pop / Other / Fusion

LABEL: Distile

INFO: Sacramento's rock scene has long been a source for amazing bands. O! the Joy is the next big thing to come from this city of indie rock angels. This atypical band, born from the ashes of Mister Metaphor (former project of Justin Goings, O! the Joy's drummer), succeeds in creating a perfect harmony between a wide range of genres, from kraut-rock to emo. “Zen Mode” is their impetuous first album, the kind of record that you will keep in your CD player for years. There's something really catchy that grabs you when you first hear the abounding universe of O! The Joy. Their amazing tunes and musicality focus your attention on their talent. The melodies take over until the music rises and begins to lead you in some unexpected territories.

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Sergi Gvarjaladze

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