Wednesday, February 27, 2008


ARTIST / BAND: Harrisons


Allen Ginsberg Said James Dean A Twocker


'Contract Killer'

ALBUM: Dear Constable / Demos

FILE UNDER: Punk / Indie / Post punk

LABEL: Melodic Recording Label

INFO: The band formed 4 years ago, Jubby and Ben were talking about starting a band when they were at college. They both knew Birch from school, he was a few years younger, a cheeky little kid who cadged fags. Jub and Ben used to go to the Deep End Pub in Hillsbrough, where there was a 'Can you Jam' night on a Tuesday. It was there where they first met Mark White, who was playing guitar with Birch on Bass in another local band, if you could call them that?!! By this time Jubb was up singing and playing and Ben just backing him every now and then. Jubb was too nervous to go up alone!
Ben and Jubby were looking for a bass player and a drummer, so they asked Birch if he fancied joining and pretty much straight away Birch quit and joined. Still without a drummer Birch phoned Mark White for their old drummer's number, Mark said he'd phone him. Mark phoned back saying that he couldn't get in touch... Mark was lying... he never did. He ended up coming down for a practice as a temporary drummer. Still to this day Mark White turns up and sits behind the drumkit, nobody really knows why! Bless him. That's how we ended up together making noise and pretending to be in a band

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Sergi Gvarjaladze

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