Wednesday, January 23, 2008

La Scala


SONG (MP3): Parallel Lives

ALBUM: The Harlequin

FILE UNDER: Melodramatic Popular Song / Indie / New Wave

LABEL: Highwheel Records

INFO: La Scala is a new band, from Chicago. Their trade is in fully blooded rock songs, complete with guitars, drums, hooks, and all, yes. But, there is one important difference here, for these are songs that are heavy on the haunting, melodramatic air that used to be so common, that used to define what a great song really was. Yes, you know quite well this type of melodrama, and this type of song - anyone with a pained heart surely does. It is the kind found in the Sicilian alleys frequented only by the forlorn street singer, or in the smoky cabarets of prewar Paris, or in the tiny hillside villages of the Eastern bloc, tucked away all those years behind that iron drapery. It is this spirit, this old world sense of melody, that La Scala employs with such expert skill, creating a sound that is equal parts rock, Eastern European folk, and saccharine 1960's Continental Pop music.

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