Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Billionaires

ARTIST / BAND: The Billionaires

SONG (MP3): End of summer song

ALBUM: Really Real For Forever

FILE UNDER: Pop / Powerpop

LABEL: Too Soon

INFO: This March we are releasing our debut album on "TOO SOON" records. blahblahblah Growing up on Martha's Vineyard was nice. The beach is pretty. We grew up working for the summer folks, landscaping, carpentry, shingling... We have been playing music together since we learned the instruments. All of us have recorded albums where we all play together on. This is the first time we created a band from the begining. It happened at the end of a hot summer day. Joe and Tim decided to set up the gear and record something different. It turned into a 3 week party of writing and hanging out, blahblah. Then Farleys dad uncovered an old indian castle burried in a field and excavated it. Deep in the ruins we built a recording studio and at the end of every summer we meet there, underground, and write this music. We like to sing loud late at night drinking and getting too close to the fire. Write for original lyrics

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