Saturday, October 27, 2007

Year Long Disaster

ARTIST / BAND: Year Long Disaster

SONG (MP3): Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu

ALBUM: Year Long Disaster


LABEL: Volcom

INFO: Year Long Disaster took Salvador Dali’s words to heart when they began constructing the mainframe ideas that would form their fundamental musical intentions. Modifying, in their own right, the original blues models of the early 1970’s southern rock movement, Year Long Disaster is more apt to play shuffles as the base backbeat and to define choruses as whichever dynamic moment of the song appeals as most memorable. This moment may manifest itself in a riff, a recurring vocal line, or in a sonic assault stemming from sheer energy. Riffs may extend past 4 bars. Lyrics may not repeat themselves. Year Long Disaster embraces the humanity and simplicity in songwriting with the ability to improvise, allowing the audience to be involved in moments that will never exist again.

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