Saturday, October 27, 2007


ARTIST / BAND: Celebration

SONG (MP3): Evergreen

ALBUM: The Modern Tribe

FILE UNDER: Psychedelic / Soul


INFO: The eleven songs that comprise The Modern Tribe find Celebration in even more electric and full-blooded form, expanding the dimension and scope of their songwriting to include a more blatant and extroverted emotionality on stunning songs like opener "Evergeen" and the aptly titled "Heartbreak." Furthermore, they make the most unabashedly dance music they have yet produced, as on the sinewy, teasing "Pony" and even engage in full blown anthemry with "Tame the Savage." (whose soaring singalong coda, "They say the world has just begun to tame the savage heart of men," could be read as a sort of core mantra for Celebration's work) Overall, The Modern Tribe finds a more complete confluence of lyrical and musical content than on any record in recent memory, as the album's varied calls to shed the unhealthy layers of civilization's skin resound powerfully in the hypnotic, overwhelming beauty of the music. It is possessed of the sort of triumphant, world-healing energy harnessed by everyone from Michael Jackson to the Boredoms, and raw nerves of hope are threaded throughout the songs.

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