Sunday, March 04, 2007


Artist / Band: MARLA HANSEN
Album: Wedding Day EP
File Under: Indie / Acoustic

Info: Hello, hello, I am Marla the viola player! One day recently, when tired of my usual job of providing steady yet thoughtful off-beats and supportive harmonizations, I had an epiphany. I realized that I too could have the melody! That I deserved it as much as anyone! And that it might even be possible for me to have the melody for an entire piece of music and that said piece of music might not fall apart! Sounds crazy, why would a violist, a PA to the violin executive, a nurse for the flute surgeon, dare to dream of such things? I didn't take time to try to answer that question, instead I went forth and wrote and pondered and agonized and rejoiced and the results of which are some songs that are here for you to preview, they are from an EP that my friends and I are (sort of) speedily crafting, which will be available soon. These songs are from my solo project, but I perform with lots of other groups too. I'm the violist for My Brightest Diamond, you can hear me on the new record Bring Me the Workhorse. I also perform with Sufjan Stevens, and recently had the honor of being a member of the Magical Butterfly Brigade! You can hear me on Illinois, and also on his new Christmas record (vol. 5, playing and singing!) I perform all over NYC with my good friend Sebastian Krueger's project Inlets, and I also work with Chris Rael, with Clare and the Reasons (when Beth is out of town,) and with the new music group Fireworks. Sometimes I play with the Oneida boys too, you can hear me on their wild and wonderful record The Wedding. Earlier this year I even got to rock it with Jay-Z at Radio City, and with Kanye West on SNL. I still play classical music too, with a new found appreciation for off-beats now that my melody craving is sated, and in the event that this happens all will be alerted. Thanks for visiting! m

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