Sunday, March 04, 2007


Artist / Band: EMMA POLLOCK
Song (MP3): LIMBS
Album: SXSW 2007 Showcasing Artists
File Under: Alternative / Showtunes / Melodramatic Popular Song
Label: 4AD

Info: Former Delgados member. Signed to 4AD Records as a solo artist in June 2005 after having major panic attack about what to do after band split. It was either that or bugger off out of the music industry altogether and go and find work that I would probably walk out of within a month. Considered putting out an album on Chemikal Underground for about 5mins and then figured out that asking my freshly ex-band mates to put out my solo record may be a little odd for us all so I then went to look elsewhere and as Delgados had a history with the Beggars Group of labels (Mantra put out our albums outside the UK) I ended up with a deal with 4AD which i'm delighted about as I've been a fan of the label since I left school. I wrote much of the first solo album in 2005 immediately following the band's split and by March 2006, myself, Paul Savage, Jamie Savage (Paul's brother) and Campbell McNeil (Aereogramme) were all ready to go into our newly built studio Chem19 in Blantyre, outside Glasgow to record the album. We had Victor Van Vugt producing, and the weeks that followed were some of the most fun and stressful I've every known. I ended up spending weeks on guitars after Victor had left and by July was ready to go over for final mixing in New York for a week. That was great fun and one of the few times I've had time to just walk around in the city without being stressed out about playing a gig in a few hours. To cut a long story short, the album is almost there, but not quite. Still a couple of mixes to iron out but I'm really pleased with how it's sounding now and almost don't want it to come out. Everything's been really positive so far and it always feels so risky putting something out there that means so much to you after so much work... Debut solo album due out 2007.

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