Friday, March 23, 2007

The Book Of Knots

Artist / Band: The Book Of Knots
Song (MP3): Pray
Album: Traineater
File Under: Progressive / Other / Metal
Label: Anti
Info: The Book of Knots, a New York based studio-collective, was formed by Matthias Bossi (Skeleton Key, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) Joel Hamilton (Shiner, Battle Of Mice, Sparklehorse, Elvis Costello, Unsane) and Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, Frank Black, They Might Be Giants) in the spring of 2003. What initially started as an excuse to write songs for their friends, took a decidedly serious turn when Mauro Arrambide from Austin Texas' Arclight Records stepped in and offered to release their recorded ramblings. Halfway through the making of record #1, violinist and vocalist Carla Kihlstedt (Tin Hat, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, 2 Foot Yard) joined them, and what is now known as the core quartet solidified. Soon after, it was decided that the band would release 3 records, the first being an ode to the rotting seaside towns of Matthias and Joel's youth, the second a tribute to the American rust-belt, and the third, a praising of all things aeronautical. Anti Records has gracefully stepped in to bring to the world installment #2, "TRAINEATER."
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