Friday, March 23, 2007


Artist / Band: Aereogramme
Song (MP3): Conscious Life
Album: My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go
File Under: Rock / Electronica / Experimental
Label: Chemikal Underground
Info: Ensconced in Glasgow’s Nice N’ Sleazy, Aereogramme’s Craig B and Campbell McNeil are discussing all things related to their third full-length album while outside, the rain drums down in rhythmic, ice-cold sheets. It’s nearly four years since the release of their last long player, Sleep And Release and over two and a half since their six-track mini-album Seclusion, so it’s little wonder that the miserable conditions outside are not dampening their enthusiasm over the creation of “My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go”
It’s an enthusiasm that’s both well placed and richly justified. Their new album is an intensely rewarding experience: the literate flair of the song writing, effortlessly matched by the project’s musical ambition and creative scope. Aereogramme are no strangers to ambition of course – an entirely self-sufficient collective who write, record and produce their own material, with a film and television composer in their ranks – their previous albums have always been visceral, emotional and inspiring affairs. It’s with their new album though, that Aereogramme have found their most compelling form and, through trusting their instincts and pleasing themselves first and foremost, have produced their most accessible work to date.

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