Sunday, December 03, 2006


ALBUM: A Little Place In The Wilderness
FILE UNDER: Pop / Indie
INFO: Memphis debut, I Dreamed We Fell Apart was described as the perfect late-summer album in August 2004. I Dreamed was a collage of melodies and sound. melding pedal steel guitar with perfectly pitched electronic beats, fusing jazzy reverberations and the occasional thunderstorm to pop song formats. Like its music, Memphis is also study in contrasts as Torquil Campbell and Chris Dumont, the Canadian-American duo, pour their diverse and musical backgrounds and their longtime friendship into Memphis unique sound. Back in the early Nineties, Chris Dumont, originally from North Carolina, had a fortuitous meeting in New York City with Torquil Campbell. The two formed a band with Campbells childhood friends Chris Seligman, James Shaw, and Adam Marvy and for a few years they worked on their song craft playing small clubs and Irish pubs around the city. Later, Seligman and Campbell formed Canadian sweetheart pop group Stars, Shaw went on to become one-half of synth-duo Metric, while Dumont dreamed his days away to the sounds of the carousel in Central Park. With the indie success of Stars there would, it appears, be little time for another musical project, especially one that re-visited the lambent sounds of youth and relied on far-flung friends; but one summer Campbell invited Dumont to Vancouver BC and Memphis was born. Campbell, who writes pop songs with a poets eye for detail and an actors ear for cadence, would weave his words to Dumonts clean guitar hooks and bossa nova harmonics.
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