Thursday, November 02, 2006


FILE UNDER: Pop / New Wave / Soul
INFO: Conceived in a London hospital and born to a Jewish doctor and Gentile nurse, Pop Levi has led what one might call a "melodic" life. He began studying piano at 3, joined a gospel choir at 7, started collecting records at 9 and, soon after, wrote his first song, "Through The Window Of My Life". Although he quickly became a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Levi went unnoticed by the music business for many years. A move to Liverpool in 1997 saw Levi enter a prolonged period of bread-line living where he set up a commune with Snap Ant and Karl Webb. Whilst sharing a large dilapidated Victorian house with these and other like-minded artists, he founded the avant-garde post-rock group Super Numeri. Early recordings of the band found their way to London and in 2002, Levi found himself signed to fabled label Ninja Tune Recordings with Super Numeri. The debut single "The Electric Horse Garden" won widespread critical acclaim and the subsequent album "Great Aviaries" and EP "The Coastal Bird Scene" quickly became regarded as modern underground classics. Hot on the heels of relative success, Levi was approached by Danny Hunt of Ladytron to join the band on bass guitar for their upcoming World Tour. He duly accepted and spent 2003-4 flying from show to show whilst writing and recording material for his planned "Foxwatch" LP, to be released on Hunt's Invicta Hi-Fi label. Although "Foxwatch" remained unfinished, the first Pop Levi releases came from those sessions. The "Rude Kinda Love" single (and its accompanying controversial video) gained rave reviews and was placed #25 in the UK Indie Chart, whilst the follow-up Christmas release "Reindeer In My Heart" made its way to US radio stations.
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