Thursday, November 02, 2006


ALBUM: ActionReaction Tour EP
FILE UNDER: Alternative / Psychedelic / New Wave
INFO: Jason Gleason is widely considered as one of the quintessential torchbearers of the emocore boom. As frontman in Further Seems Forever, a role previously played by Chris Carabba (Dashboard Confessional), it would be easy to assume that his new project, ActionReaction, would continue to build on the same aesthetic that helped him bring Further Seems Forever to stardom. But perhaps it's time to entertain the notion that Gleason's a firm believer in the road less traveled. After splitting with his former band and label, and with only a few dollars in his pocket, Gleason moved from Florida to New Jersey to be with long-time friend, Bella. To make ends meet, Gleason and Bella joined a painting and carpentry crew which included her former Element 101 bandmate Salvatore. As a result of grueling, twelve-hour days sanding floors and painting atop 50-foot ladders, a bond was formed which resulted in the early stages of ActionReaction. With a rotating cast of friends, they began writing material as a release from their daily grind. Fueled by working-class ennui, the result was liberation from the constraints of previous musical endeavors. Gleason was finally free to expand on his passionate and spiritual vocal and lyrical stylings that earned him a steady following during his days in Further Seems Forever. Before long the three of them were not only working and playing together, but living under one roof.
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gacha said...

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