Friday, November 17, 2006


ALBUM: Soft Targets
FILE UNDER: Rock / Soul
LABEL: Some Records
INFO: New York outfit Earl Greyhound was born to rock. There's evidence of royal blood, (Queen, T Rex, Led Zeppelin) but the Greyhound have staked claim to an original sound that's uniquely irresistible. Leader Matt Whyte lays out thick guitar riffs and interweaves rich resounding singing with bassist Kamara Thomas that's described as mesmerizing vocal movement, "invoking the spirit of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris," Village Voice, February 2004. The band's show is an aggressive hour of rock from start to finish, reigning down on its audience with a barrage of ripping guitar solos and wild, thunderous beats from its drummer Ricc Sheridan. What results is a veritable rock and roll wrecking ball, swinging from sexy melodious soul to towering pop. Get ready to face the mounting dog attack, Earl Greyhound's debut full length album is due out October 3rd!
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