Friday, November 17, 2006


ALBUM: Polemics
FILE UNDER: Rock / Progressive / Other
LABEL: Polyvinyl
INFO: Tragic is the glad-handing on the bandwagon and fortunate are the few who have witnessed the constant evolution of Portland’s 31Knots. The band has played shows with Enon, Liars, Deerhoof and most recently toured Europe with Q and Not U and Japan winning fans over at a sold out show in Tokyo.Formed in 1997 by guitarist and vocalist Joe Haege, bassist Jay Winebrenner, and a drummer who was soon replaced by Joe Kelly, 31Knots moved to Portland where they began playing shows as well as writing and recording their self-released debut Climax/Anticlimax which was released in 2000. A year-and-a-half later, based on a recommendation from Dilute drummer Jay Pellicci, 31Knots saw themselves signing to Michigan-based label 54°40' or Fight! who soon released The Rehearsal Dinner EP In the meantime the band had been turning heads and earning accolades on the West Coast for blustery live performances including shows with Modest Mouse, Califone, and more from the source...

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