Saturday, September 02, 2006


ARTIST / BAND: Kandinski
SONG (MP3): Stralight
ALBUM: 2006 EP
FILE UNDER: Rock / Dub / Psychedelic
LABEL: none
INFO: "With irresitable chamber-pop choruses and baritone vocals that recall The Divine Comedy, meshed together with a dab Specials-brew ska and a guitarist whose Angus Young shapes and sheer technicality put other bands to shame, you end up with quite the killer cocktail." Review: Drowned In Sound
"Kandinski can hold the stage. That's a fact. The four piece cling to no timid airs as they thrash out their tunes to an eager audience. As yet unsigned, it's another pretty obvious fact that they'll be snatched up soon. A poppy rock outfit that mixes vocals with some pretty desirable guitar moves. Kandinski fuse dub, rock, blues and psychadelia and have gathered quite a following
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